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  1. coiledwire

    ***SOLD***Gray Para3 scales

    Great scales. Thanks for the sale!
  2. coiledwire

    McGizmo Haiku, XP-G2 and 2-tone finish

    4500, which appears to be the same as Nichia 119. See the update in my post above and check the link for much more information on the LED.
  3. coiledwire

    Magnum Bear Cub

    You got it. Email replied with an additional pic. PM replied with pp info.
  4. coiledwire

    McGizmo Haiku, XP-G2 and 2-tone finish

    Up for sale is a user McGizmo Haiku. This torch has XP-G2 LED and a rare 2-tone finish. Its been carried and used, but not abused. There's some dings and marks on the body as one would expect. Crystal is still perfect. I've only used CR123 batteries, so i can't comment on li-ion. I tried to...
  5. coiledwire

    Magnum Bear Cub

    Up for sale is a Magnum Bear Cub in satin infi, black linen micarta, and mashed cat sheath. This would be considered a user. There's some sheath scratches on the blade and a nick in the handle when I received it. I cleaned and shined it up nicely. Has a nice, sharp, polished convex edge. I was...
  6. coiledwire

    Smooth Autumn Gold TC

    Noted. You have dibs.
  7. coiledwire

    Smooth Autumn Gold TC

    You got it. PM incoming.
  8. coiledwire

    Smooth Autumn Gold TC

    This one is a catch and release for me. This is a beautiful example with good contrast in light and dark coloring in the bone. Centered and good walk/talk. Just doesn't speak to me enough to keep it. Asking $sold paypal goods, shipped to mainland US. First "I'll take it" here or PM will have...
  9. coiledwire

    All gone thanks

    Will take the 77, but want to see pics. Email incoming.
  10. coiledwire

    ZT 0230

    Up for sale is a lightly used ZT0230 with 20CV steel and carbon fiber. Pretty cool collab between ZT and Anso. Sharpened on a wicked edge, but 1 side's bevel is slightly larger than the other. Also the blade is very slightly off center when closed. This could probably be tuned to be perfectly...
  11. coiledwire

    2020 Bladeforum Viper (blonde)

    You got it. PM replied. Edit: sold!
  12. coiledwire

    2020 Bladeforum Viper (blonde)

    For sale is a new 2020 Bladeforum Viper swaybelly in light colored (blonde) rams horn. Good F&F on this example; no super thin areas of horn. Asking $sold paypal G&S, shipped usps within the US. First to claim it here has dibs. PM me immediately to finish the transaction.
  13. coiledwire

    Attention BF2020 Away We Go - Books are closed

    Purchase link is still active as of 5 min before this post in case anyone is wondering if orders can still be placed. Thank you @knifeswapper for stepping in and doing all of the dirty work to make a BF knife available this year.
  14. coiledwire

    BF2020 Slab Choice Runoff

    A vote for amboyna since my favorite blue mask acrylic was never in the running. I've always had poor luck for book matched rams horn, but I'll be in for 2 regardless.
  15. coiledwire

    The unofficial, non binding, carries no weight, 2020 forum knife possibility discussion thread

    The blue face mask acrylic definitely gets my vote (if its even a possibility). 10 years from now, just looking at the knife, "yeah, i remember that year. 2020 sucked."
  16. coiledwire


    This will fill a gap in my needs. I'll take it. PM incoming.
  17. coiledwire

    Important Info! CPK Photo Contest

    Almost end of the month. Maybe last monthly photo contest? I wanted to contribute at least one more time. That flower instantly wilted in the presence of this satin UF.
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