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  1. scout1sg

    Welcome back! Current status, known issues, and more.

    Probably so obvious it should go without saying and that is the feedback, unless I'm overlooking it someplace within our new profile. Thx!
  2. scout1sg

    2 for sale

    Aaron's work is top notch, fit and finish is spot on. Been using GWKs for years now and probably one of the best price/performance knives you can acquire. I have one of his dark wash blades and I'm a real fan of this finish.
  3. scout1sg

    3 for sale

    Do you prefer I just send you a direct email?
  4. scout1sg

    3 for sale

    Happy to see you're making up some PSK type of blade offerings again Aaron. Have already chatted with you briefly about your newer Outdoorsman model, any chance you might offer that one in such a manner w/o scales?
  5. scout1sg

    GWK Bushcraft AEBL and Fiddleback Woodsman

    Appears to be Aaron's Wolflore model. Beutiful knife and craftsmanship. Glws
  6. scout1sg

    (sold) D2 blade, acid-stone wash, G10, multi-carry leather pouch, TFK-T7

    Really admire this design and the sheath rig. Just a few quick questions, what is the tang like, do you apply cutouts or are they a full solid tang? Can one order one w/o the jimping and do you work in other steels and if so do you have a ball park idea what the cost would be in other steel...
  7. scout1sg

    M-2 80crv2 Sold

    Good to see you back here Aaron!
  8. scout1sg

    SOLD - Survive! Knives GSO-4.1

    Never heard of a first revision, assume you meant 1st Generation or version. GLWS!
  9. scout1sg

    WTF White River Ursus

    Hello all, In search a White River Ursus 45, passed my original off to my son in the service. Below are a few offerings toward one, I see they made a few scandi versions which would be nice as well: - various LT Wrights (Boat Tail Scandi, Next Gen, Gary Wines) - Blind Horse Woodsman Pro - Lion...
  10. scout1sg


    Some excellent deals, haven't seen one of those original CS Tanto's in the brass guard and pommel for a very long time.
  11. scout1sg


    Appear to be Bull Maverick models (at least the top and bottom models). John makes a great solid knife, don't believe he had any distinguishing markings between the steel types. I have several of his models and they've all served me well. GLWS!
  12. scout1sg

    Alcase Solution for a Used Randall

    I still have one of these as well, acquired back in the early to mid 80s. Used it on some of my field exercises when I was at Bragg. Very handy quite useful tool with great construction and materials. Something like this would probably make a hit today with the level and focus on preparedness...
  13. scout1sg


    That Camillus is quite a knife, was fortunate to acquire one through the GSA system when I was still in the service prior to one of our deployments down range. I believe they listed for around twice or more so this is a real bargain. GLWS!
  14. scout1sg

    Finished Custom Orders- 2020

    Adam I sent you an email ref to one of your weekly offerings and the new finish I see you have as a potential option and was wondering if it were possible to get that on any of our current orders.
  15. scout1sg


    I'll check to see if I still have one, are you particular whether it's non-serrated or preferring plain edge? Standard vs. tanto, etc.?
  16. scout1sg

    Gerber 06 Auto for Trade

    Hello Jason, Is this a plain edge model. If so PM me your email so I can see what I can dig up for offers for ya.
  17. scout1sg

    Remove Nicks from Spine

    Worked like a charm, went ahead and did it to several that needed a touch up. Thx!
  18. scout1sg

    Remove Nicks from Spine

    Giving it a shot here shortly, thx
  19. scout1sg

    Remove Nicks from Spine

    Thanks for that feedback, is there a need to hit the very side of the flats at all or does just the sanding of the spine do the trick (such as just a leather strop)? Is there a preferred direction (ie. from the point back to the handle or the opposite direction)?
  20. scout1sg

    Remove Nicks from Spine

    Hello all, Received just a little guidance on a procedure/method on removing nicks from the spine of a knife such as ferro rod use. Didn't see much online on this subject. Do any of you have a strategy/method you apply for such a type of fix to clean up the spine? Thx, Jim
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