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  1. T.K.C.

    Al Pendray has passed...

    May he rest in peace.
  2. T.K.C.

    Photos What custom is in your pocket today?

    Thanks for sharing everyone!! There are so many amazing knives here!!
  3. T.K.C.

    Large Camp Knife

    Great knife!
  4. T.K.C.

    Recommend me a great tanto folder.

    Emerson CQC-7.
  5. T.K.C.

    Your thoughts: dealing 2nd hand knives support makers?

    If you don't like the maker, the DON'T buy the knives.
  6. T.K.C.

    How long in the knife game?

    I have been into & carrying knives for 43 years.
  7. T.K.C.

    Photos What custom is in your pocket today?

    I have my Seamus Knives small cracked Uber.
  8. T.K.C.

    Todd Rexford Hot Gamma

    THAT is one awesome score!! CONGRATS!! What a sweet knife that is!!
  9. T.K.C.

    Recommendation? Brands that Can Be Repeatedly Maintenanced

    Chris Reeve Knives are meant to be taken apart.
  10. T.K.C.

    Hinderer XM Titanium

    Yes, Rick made the XM-18 with full Ti. I used to have a 3 inch XM-18 that full Ti.
  11. T.K.C.

    Kershaw Cryo Hinderer designed

    I have one. A friend who is family to me gave me one, and I LOVE it.
  12. T.K.C.

    Had to say goodbye to another friend.

    I am so deeply sorry for your loss!!
  13. T.K.C.

    Photos What custom is in your pocket today?

    That isn't a custom. This is for custom knives ONLY.
  14. T.K.C.

    Blade HQ Exclusive 21 CF Inlays

    That is gorgeous!! Congrats!!
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