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    Need some sharpening advise please

    I used to wonder why people sharpened new knives in some of the youtube videos. I have just had cheaper knives as a reference point for "sharp", but sharpening them with water stones redefined "sharpness" for me - and I am sure most experienced members here would still call my knives dull. There...
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    Nubatama vs suehiro vs naniwa stones. What do I need to know?

    Are you looking for price-to-performance or are you asking for unique things about the stones? I think the more expensive stones definitely offer more than a cheap amazon stone. But even the Naniwa 1000/3000 for 25 bucks is already a big step up from the 20 bucks amazon stones. One thing about...
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    Recommendation? how sharp my knife should be?

    If you want to find inconsistencies in the edge that you can't feel with your finger or see, then slicing magazine paper very slowly can give you some information. My favorite is to just take one sheet of paper towel, fold it a couple times and then slice it with my knife. If it cuts paper...
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    Reprofiling a wide factory edge angle. Your approach?

    It's the Norton Crystolon fine/coarse stone. On some sites it says 80 grit and on some sites it says 100 grit so I am not 100% sure which is correct. And it says it can be used with water but I'll probably use oil or an oil-dishsoap-water mixture. What is a rubbing brick? I probably wouldn't...
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    Reprofiling a wide factory edge angle. Your approach?

    I can get a 6x2 double sided DMT (coarse / extra-coarse) for 55€. Diamond plates seem very polarizing - people either hate them or love them. I don't have a diamond plate, yet, so I don't know on which side I fall. I looked for the Baryonyx Manticore but it's hard to get outside the US. I...
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    Sharpening, if you combined all you now know, what would you tell yourself if...

    Well, I have only been at it for 2 months now but: - Get a microscope right away - for faster learning - and the $5/30x microscopes are good enough. - Some factory edges are actually not that good and need reprofiling.
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    Reprofiling a wide factory edge angle. Your approach?

    Hi everyone! Questions first: - If you are sharpening a knife for the first time and the factory edge angle is too wide, for your liking, with which stone do you usually start with, and why do you like that stone? - I find the Cerax 320 too slow for reprofiling, which stone would you recommend...
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