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  1. UffDa

    Traditionals and Cast Iron Cookware

    I’m not feeling good, so I’m gonna start a fight. :D I have been watching a lot of America’s Test Kitchen. Among other things, they test cooking equipment. In one episode, they lined up a bunch of woks. The recommendation? Find the nearest dumpster and deposit forcefully. There is nothing that...
  2. UffDa

    How To Pull plug on paid/cable TV in 2021?

    I was paying $200/month for cable TV. I watched a few shows on CBS and A&E. I have no interest in sports or any of the other crapola. I canceled it and increased my speed* and bandwidth. $65/month plus Netflix and Paramount+. I also have Philo, but will probably cancel that . I might try Hulu...
  3. UffDa

    Happy Birthday Cougar Allen!

    Hippo birdie 2 ewe.
  4. UffDa

    Bark River MACV-SOG Bowie

    If Alan changes his mind, I'll take it. 2nds? :D
  5. UffDa

    SPF CountyComm Portable Radio GP-5SSB SPF

    Long story short. We had a power failure earlier this year and I couldn't find my portable radios. I looked the next day and still couldn't find them. I bought this one. I found the others yesterday. I don't need 3 of them. I put batteries in it and it works fine. I will ship it with fresh...
  6. UffDa

    Navajo Sterling Silver Bolo.

    Two more pictures.
  7. UffDa

    Navajo Sterling Silver Bolo.

    I was looking for something in my closet and found this. IIRC, I bought it around 1990. I thought it was a bear paw, but it's actually a badger paw. It measures 2" by about 1 3/8". The total weight is 44 grams. I can't tell what the silver weighs without taking it apart. It was completely black...
  8. UffDa

    Off Topic whats your buyers remorse?

    There is a forum for those with buyer's remorse. It's in the Exchange. For Sale By Individuals. :D
  9. UffDa

    SOLD .38 Special Ammo SOLD

    I sold my last .30 Special revolver, so I have the ammo for sale. 50 rounds Hornady Critical Defense Lite 90 rounds Buffalo Bore 158 gr. standard velocity LHP. 12 rounds Federal Hydrashock. 129 gr. ? No sure. 10 rounds CCI shot. Not in picture. I will include any loose cartridges that I find...
  10. UffDa

    Random Thought Thread

    Is she related to Cliff Stamp? :p
  11. UffDa

    SOLD Wrangler Jeans. 36x30 SOLD

    I bought these about 8 or 10 years ago. I washed them in preparation to have them shortened. I decided that Lee jeans fit me better, so they sat in my closet unused. 2 pair of Wrangler REGULAR fit jeans 36 waist 30 long. They will be wrinkled. I don't have an iron and I wouldn't iron them if I...
  12. UffDa

    Random Thought Thread

    I had to laugh at that. I worked with a guy who once told me that we could not be friends because I don't drink beer. I tried to drink it to be sociable, but two sips and I'm done. Blech! I'm not fond of most wine either. Sour grapes.
  13. UffDa

    SOLD...SWFA SS 6x42 Tactical 30mm Riflescope, NIB

    SOLD I have for sale a new SWFA 6X42 Sniper scope. I only took it out of the box for photos. OAL is 14.1" and the weight is 20.3oz. $275 shipped in USA only. PayPal G&S or USPS money order. No trades. BUT WAIT! There's more. I will include at no extra charge a scope cover. (Just pay a...
  14. UffDa

    Random Thought Thread

    Hey, what's the worst that can happen?
  15. UffDa

    Random Thought Thread

    Nate is nasty today. Check out his post in W&C. :p:p:p
  16. UffDa

    Random Thought Thread

    I like pipes and drums.
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