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    Spyderco Top 3 favs

    Military Gayle Bradley 1 Native 5 salt
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    Hey Sal, Military compression lock still in the works?

    The military is spyderco’s buck 110. leave it be, want another knife? There’s about a billion others. this being said, if spyderco wants to release a military with a comp lock and leave the og alone and still available, so be it.
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    SPYDERCO SALT, ocean, stories, pics and all things "salt"

    Well, just ordered my 3rd native salt. First one lost rolling a kayak, second one I lost last weekend when I cut the frayed end off a tie down and left it on the roof of my truck. hopefully I’ll get more time out of this one. Had to try about a dozen vendors to find one in stock.
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    Hey Sal, Military compression lock still in the works?

    I’ll keep buying the OG military. The liner lock on the military is one of the best I have handled. Don’t really care for the comp lock at all.
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    Gayle Bradley Hard Use

    I still carry my GB1 every day (carpenter). I have tons of knives, but they just got it right with that one. everyone seems so enamored with flat ground blades, but hollow ground with a super steel is the way to go in my opinion. been using that knife the better part of a decade. Have one new in...
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    What do you want in a new Salt knife?

    A salt Millie
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    Your favorite Military of all-time

    The Lc200n version. Oh yeah, they haven’t made it ........yet
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    Which knives would you pick for WWIII? (If it ever starts)

    Ok if I were to be gearing up for a ww/apocalypse/no law situation my choices would be -1 microtech socom , -2Leatherman wave, -3 survive knives gso 7/7
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    Which knives would you pick for WWIII? (If it ever starts)

    Still have the nighthawk I bought in the mid 90’s. Cool blade
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    Either my bm940, or a vic cadet or pioneer
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    If I could keep only one knife...

    One folder, would have to be a spyderco in Lc200n. Probably the Caribbean. (Not my favorite folder, but if I had to have 1 for everything) One fixed blade, probably my turley green river in 154cm
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    On Randall knives

    Thanks, would potentially be interested if it had a single guard and border patrol handle
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    On Randall knives

    I want an airman
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    Microtech or Guardian Tactical?

    I have a whole bunch of microtech knives, side openers , manual and auto, and a bunch of their otfs. All have been excellent. I have heard good things about Guardian tactical, I’m sure I’ll try one of theirs at some point.
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    Spyderco Am I the only one who just can't do it?

    I love Taichung spydies. They are some of if not the best made spydercos. I have no problem supporting the Taiwanese economy either. Completely different story with mainland China. I don’t want to support concentration camps.
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    why do we keep getting different spyderco police versions without the original blade

    I’m really hoping it’s not vg10 . People must really like sharpening. With all the most excellent choices now, vg10 isn’t one of them
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    What do you want in a new Salt knife?

    I want an Lc200n military salt. Mabe some venom green g10
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    The latest Spyderco reveal

    I want a blacked out autonomy 2
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    Pacific Salt 2 Green LC200N

    Loving the colors. Bravo spyderco for continued innovation.
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