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  1. Onedog

    Leuku or Woodsman? Or Duke?

    I don't own a Duke but I do own and have used both the Leuku and the Woodsman. I'd have to go with the Woodsman for a camping knife. Especially when paired with a nice hatchet for chopping. I've used the Woodsman for both food prep and fire prep and it works great for both. I even felled two...
  2. Onedog

    KE Bushie - The Appalachian Forest Tool

    Thanks Y'all. I really love this knife. Both the design and the handle. It's my first choice when hiking. I also love the Condos Leather sheath that I have with it. Mark does some fantastic work for sure. :thumbsup:
  3. Onedog

    KE Bushie - The Appalachian Forest Tool

    Just wanted to leave this here. :)
  4. Onedog

    Techie Help Needed- Forum Related

    @Fiddleback Another thing you can look into is a military throat mic. I honestly dont know anything about the sound quality but it wont need to go in your mask.
  5. Onedog

    Techie Help Needed- Forum Related

    The GoPro is a good idea. You can figure out a way to attach it to your head somehow. You can also try to find a long pole to attach it to. The problem would be the mic. A wired mic would sacrifice the integrity of your mask and I don't believe there is a wireless mic that would fit inside your...
  6. Onedog

    Show your love for the EDKarda

    Right now I only have my BC Karda and my OS Karda. Both of which I'll get pics up of. I'm still keeping my eye out for the perfect ED Karda. Preferably in Masur Birch with a scandi grind. :D
  7. Onedog

    Meanwhile somewhere northwest of Hobbiton...

    Brian, you've done it again! Seriously man, I've been mostly lurking these days and your threads are what I open first. You're photos just keep getting better and better. It looks like you've moved into a a more well lit room for the LOTR photos. They're coming out great for sure! :thumbsup:
  8. Onedog

    A Working Wander

    Amazing photos as always Brian. When I lived on a lake in Massachusetts there used to be a huge Herron that would hang out on my dock. He would hang around when I came out to fish or whatever but once the dog came out he was gone.
  9. Onedog

    Two For Tuesday

    Scandi Kepharts to boot. Nice! :thumbsup:
  10. Onedog

    Fiddleback Friday 2/23/2018

    @Scotcha Sweet score Abe! Especially that Elf. It’s an awesome knife.
  11. Onedog

    W.A. Surls Wednesday 1/31/2018

    Ha. It's not just my sharking skills that are slow. I think my cognitive abilities have been used up this week. I figured the Brisbee would be the first to go and I didn't notice that it didn't get sharked until it got sharked. :eek:
  12. Onedog

    W.A. Surls Wednesday 1/31/2018

    Dang. I'm slow these days. :D
  13. Onedog

    W.A. Surls Wednesday 1/31/2018

    Thorn with curly Tasmanian blackwood (very similar to curly koa) over black liners with white pinstripe flat ground on ⅛” A2 SFT $250
  14. Onedog

    Two For Tuesday

    Can’t wait for that knife to be in my mailbox!! :)
  15. Onedog

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year all y’all you’uns!!!!
  16. Onedog

    Fiddleback Friday 12/29/2017

    If it’s available I’ll take the 2017 1229 04 – Elf w/ desert ironwood over black liners & orange pinstripes, trinity pinout, TT, convex on spalted ⅛” A2 - $340...3 ½” blade & 7 ¾” OAL Please and thank you
  17. Onedog

    Fiddleback Secret Santa

    Hey Andy. Glad you liked the gift. I figured I couldn’t top the hilarity level of last years gift so I went the other way. I hope you enjoy the CD. I spend so much time using and enjoying your art so I tried to return the favor a little. :)
  18. Onedog

    Just a Picture:

    Thanks Brian. I gotta say, it’s one sweet knife. I’ve always liked the blade profile of the Ladyfinger and to have one in an EDC size is just awesome.
  19. Onedog

    Just a Picture:

  20. Onedog

    Show your love for the ladies

    Ah, that was you who snagged that IW Lady. Sweet score right there. Definitely post that one up when you get it. :)
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