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    morale patches...

    bit of a patch hound; new acquisition...
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    How To Pull plug on paid/cable TV in 2021?

    dumped cable a few mos back and didn't feel a thing. had amazon and picked netflix back up for now. agree with prior comment that tv was more or less background noise and couldn't stomach news anymore after that utter embarrassment of an election cycle...
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    What watch do you wear?

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    What EDC lights are you guys using?

    yep, replaced a rather well worn e1d a couple mos back and more than happy with the upgrade.
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    Gun Picture Thread

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    Which Pry bar for edc?

    best to not over analyze...
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    Plain White T-shirts?

    picked up a package of the costco shirts based off thread; good quality & deal for price.
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    Gun Picture Thread

    ebay seller arizonacustomgrips
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    Gun Picture Thread

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    Gun Picture Thread

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    EMT Flashlight Recommendation?

    in a word - malkoff. gene generally does cyber monday sale beginning at midnight. he also has a 1st time buyer discount with email sign up. surefire & pelican are the only other brands i bother with. .02...
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