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    My Niece in Nepal during Pandemic

    Excuse me, what are you talking about? I do not appreciate your implication that I am "pushing" something here. Or should I say not implication but overt statement that I am pushing something on Bladeforum? I am very proud of my niece as I should be.
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    My Niece in Nepal during Pandemic

    My Niece went to Nepal to learn about farming including tea farming. She was not able to leave due to the pandemic and started a soup kitchen in Kathmandu. She would be doing the same thing if she was home. Its just the kind of person that she is. Her Aunt (my other sister) has also...
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    Do you guys play video games?

    I liked video games and arcade games when I was younger. My son was and is a fiend for them. He actually works in the general field, something about data collection, etc., for streaming services, I don't understand what he actually does. But they are so fricken complicated. He would try to...
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    Giveaway: TiSurvival Modular Titanium Chopsticks and Face Mask

    I am in. Sandblasted random and "marvel" mask. Thanks so much. Its a great giveaway and your wife is doing a great thing.
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    How long have y’all been onboard

    Lurked for a while, got drawn in and joined in 2004.
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    Dog loss soon

    Sorry DB. It always is too hard.
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    Keychain carry of tools or gadgets

    I try not to have too much stuff on my keychain. I go to court a lot so no knives or leatherman minis. They sometimes give me a hard time over my Atwood PryBaby. I just tell them its a bottle opener (which is true, that is what I use it for 99% of the time). I also have an old Photon light...
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    Hope everyone has a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year ~ God Bless

    We always (my mom, gram and two older sisters) colored eggs and then did an Easter egg hunt. We always had a basket with candy and a big ham dinner. I vaguely remember when my parents were still together riding in my father's great big dump truck (he owned a farm) to get to my grandmother's...
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    Led Lenser F1R Brief Review

    I just got a Led Lenser F1R. Might have been on a closeout because it was only $19.99 direct from Led Lenser. Came with the flashlight itself, a rechargeable battery and charging station, as well as a lanyard, a clip, and a second "glassbreaker" type front ring. It seems very well made...
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    Silk bandana or handkerchief?

    I got a wild rag from Bladeforums member Dave at Horsewright Clothing. Good stuff.
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    What are some of the best 1950's , 60's , 70's , 80's & 90's Television Shows there ever was ~

    Loved Gunsmoke and Bonanza. I also had this vague recollection of a really cool western with a sci fi feel but whenever I mentioned it to somebody they thought I was crazy. Then, lo and behold, Will Smith stars in "Wild Wild West" and I wasn't crazy.
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    Might not get my Olight i1R 2

    Maybe there is hope for us yet!
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    Dog loss soon

    I'm so sorry. This is the tragedy of being a dog owner. A dog's life is so short because it loves so hard. Just take some comfort in the fact that you gave Butterscotch a good life and were very loved in return.
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    My kids are my life

    You never stop worrying about your kids. My Mom called me last night to see if I'm okay (she's 84, I'm 53). My son lives in Washington State. He is now working from home (tech sector). Two of his roommates work for Nintendo and are also working from home because a Nintendo employee tested...
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    Khabib v. Ferguson

    Ferguson is dangerous everywhere and tough as hell. Khabib can be hit, its just that nobody has been able to stop his relentless wrestling attacks. El Cucuy is legit out there mentally. He has the craziest work out videos you've ever seen. His wife filed for a restraining order against him...
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    What do you drive?

    I don't mind the CVT in my wife's subaru but it certainly isn't much fun. I do appreciate subaru's safety system called "Eye Sight". The adaptive cruise control is great if you are cruising in traffic (although not so great when I get back into my Frontier without adaptive cruise and wonder...
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    The 2020 Garden, Landscape, and Other Stuff Thread...

    Aerating a lawn? Has anyone ever rented a machine and aerated their lawn? I have a fenced in area for part of my yard, about a half acre, that is very bumpy and uneven. Not to the point of filling in holes or needing an excavator, etc. From what I've read, aerating could help. I've seen...
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    What do you drive?

    Outback now can come with a turbo 4. Should be an upgrade from the regular but not sure if its going to be an improvement over the existing six cylinder
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    What do you drive?

    The regular 4 cylinder Outback is a little underpowered in the sense of aggressive driving or passing on a 2 lane, but it pretty effortlessly cruises at 80 and feels stable and never gasping for power. On the other hand, when my son and I drove from Vermont to Seattle his fully loaded down...
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    What do you drive?

    Manual transmissions are still more fun, but they used to be the only way to drive if you wanted something sporty or if you had an econo-box and wanted some semblance of performance. Now, the autos get better mileage and perform better. They still aren't as fun to drive, although if you are in...
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