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  1. 3fifty7

    Off Topic Need a Side by Side. Any recommendations?

    @MolokaiRider, now there is a man with good taste in side by sides. Here is my daughter ripping around on our Kawasaki Mule 4010 diesel back in February when we had a snow and ice storm.
  2. 3fifty7

    Lurquin Inspired Utility/Hunter

  3. 3fifty7

    forced air forge tuning questions

    You need a lot more air ! It looks like you are not getting any air flow and pushing gas through an open 1/4” pipe. With the gas turned off and the air on can you feel the air blowing through the forge ? What kind of tip is on the end of your gas line ?
  4. 3fifty7

    Off Topic Need a Side by Side. Any recommendations?

    Slower work horse - Yamaha Mule Diesel or Gas Awesome all around with speed Polaris Ranger You could get a CanAm if you want to look like a teenager who spent his dads money 6 months after a divorce.
  5. 3fifty7

    Blades & Beef

    Please forgive me for not posting Beef but this is my first pork belly and I’m pretty pumped up about it ! The bottom was seasoned with Meat Church Honey Hog and the top was salted then set at room temp for 30 minutes then salted again prior to putting on. PitBoss for 4 hours at 250* then into...
  6. 3fifty7

    what have you bought so far? (2021)

    2x Spyderco Mule S45VN
  7. 3fifty7

    My Wife's Knifes.

    Spyderco Dragonfly Tattoo is her EDC and basically her first pocket knife, the tattoo was worn away after a couple years. Kershaw Starter, I bought this as just a pick up and carry when we flew into Oregon a few years back, my wife said she wanted it but in the end it’s heavier than she cares...
  8. 3fifty7

    What knife would you like to see with MagnaCut blade steel?

    Mule K2 Manix3XL(having only slightly less height through the blade and handle)
  9. 3fifty7

    You're saying that wrong...

    Earlier this year I decided to start pronouncing the “L” in salmon.
  10. 3fifty7

    Your physical reaction to having had the vaccine shots

    Wife had second Mederna yesterday am, by 6pm she was having shakes, nauseated, and chills. She got a little sleep and tried to go in to work but had to leave after an hour. Back to bed with aches, chills, and nausea.
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    RBO DIY Heat Treating Oven / Furnace Build

    Looking forward to the video. I built your etcher a couple months ago, very nice video to follow along with. What’s the total cost on your oven ?
  12. 3fifty7

    Drop Shut?

    It’s just a fidget thing. Not the way my knives get used.
  13. 3fifty7

    Coffee mug or tea cup

    Nice Case morning mug ! What size is it 12oz ?
  14. 3fifty7

    What edge angles for a butcher knife?

    Working in a butcher shop is a different animal. You are working, it is about productivity. That is why most butchers I’ve been around use a Dexter Russell or Victorinox that are thicker behind the edge, and I could only assume a more obtuse sharpened angle, than we are used to. Also most blades...
  15. 3fifty7

    My Perception of an EDC

    I think you are carrying a lot on your person but if this setup works for you I’m glad you found it. Keep tweaking it between what you use and what you may need. I carry the minimum on my person and work out of my truck 99% of my days and 99% of my work day is within eyesight of it.
  16. 3fifty7

    Damascus billet

    Did I miss you mentioning what press you have other than 12 ton? Coal Iron ?
  17. 3fifty7

    Recommendation? New Knife Time

    My Spyderco K2 is the only EDC knife I have that if lost or no longer serviceable, I would replace it immediately with another no questions asked. I wouldn’t mind. Shaman CruCarta but I honestly don’t believe the current price is justified. I really like some of the Koenig Arius but IMO it’s...
  18. 3fifty7

    Finger saver ring

    I’d like something close to 22mm(12pt box end wrench is my gauge) and I think I’d prefer plastic or aluminum.
  19. 3fifty7

    Finger saver ring

    I think I’d like to try one.
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