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  1. jamal_spelling91

    Benchmade SPF Benchmade 940-2001 S90V & titanium

    For sale is a 940-2001 in excellent condition, has only been carried once and put back into box. Never cut anything, flicked open a few times. I would give it a 9/10 not mint has a few faint marks on the titanium, so faint that my camera can't pick them up. Excellent action and lockup, blade is...
  2. jamal_spelling91

    Spyderco Spyderco Nirvana

    Nirvana is SPF to cold_wrench thanks
  3. jamal_spelling91

    Spyderco Spyderco Nirvana

    For sale is a Spyderco Nirvana in excellent condition, would give it a 9/10. Never used or sharpened, just opened and closed/admired. Smooth deployment, solid lockup (around 50%), no blade stick, good detent. Comes with Spyderco pouch and pamphlet. Price is SPF Paypal G&S. Not interested in...
  4. jamal_spelling91

    Spyderco ALL SOLD THANKS

    Few more for sale, both knives are in excellent condition. Have not been used carried or sharpened. Solid lockup, smooth action and good detent, centered blades. Both come with Spyderco pouches, Drunken does not come with the spyderco pamphlet. Drunken SOLD Rubicon SOLD Paypal G&S only please. I...
  5. jamal_spelling91

    SPF Knifeart CRK Large Sebenza 21 Insingo Carbon Fiber

    For sale is a CRK Sebenza Large 21 Insingo. This is the Knifeart exclusive with the carbon fiber show scale. In good used condition, has been carried and lightly used. Light marks on the titanium from pocket carry. Blade is in great condition, no scratches or marks. Edge is sharp, I believe it...
  6. jamal_spelling91

    BM 707, Emerson CQC-12 and Spydercos

    I will take the cqc 12 if still available
  7. jamal_spelling91

    SPF CKF Custom Knife Factory Spectra Timascus Damasteel

    For sale is a CKF Spectra with Damasteel Rose blade, timascus bolsters and carbon fiber scales. Solid lockup, centered blade and firm detent. Flips like a dream, super smooth action. Excellent condition, has only been flipped open and inspected/admired. Comes with CKF pouch, cloth, serial #...
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