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  1. Silent H

    New Bugout with omega spring break

    Over a decade and 20+ Benchmades I've never had an omega spring break, even ones that have ended up being super rusted and weak feeling, they haven't broken. It always seems like people have either never broken a spring, or they've broken multiple omega springs. Remember, Benchmade recommends...
  2. Silent H

    Custom Knife Turnaround Time

    That's rough, I recently had a knife sit at the factory for over a month waiting for a warranty replacement part to be produced. It can be frustrating, but manufacturers everywhere are dealing with backlogs.
  3. Silent H

    Off Topic Benchmade customer service

    So you understand their reasoning for not sending the part, but you're not going to recommend them because they inconvenienced you after you broke your knife? OK. Ya know, if you never posted this story and asked them to fix your knife under warranty, they probably would have reassembled it and...
  4. Silent H

    Genuinely surprised by 154cm

    154CM has the perfect balance of edge retention, toughness and ease of sharpening for me. I also enjoy higher end steels, but 154CM is definitely one of my favorites. I also love the hollow grind on the 154CM 550s. I'm sure that helps with all your cutting too! I bought a few of those when they...
  5. Silent H

    Tengu Flipper First Production Way Off Center

    I ordered a Tengu direct from Benchmade this weekend, hopefully it's not as off center as yours. Not sure who/what Magnuson Moss is, but disassembly doesn't necessarily void the warranty. The warranty says: "This warranty does not cover defects due to:[...] alteration or disassembly of the...
  6. Silent H

    710 Sprint Run

    Prior to getting the 710, I avoided recurves because so many people said they were annoying and pointless. The 710 really changed my mind, I love recurves now. It's not a 710, but the 496 Vector has a really nice recurve, paired with an awesome hollow grind (the only hollow grind in Benchmade's...
  7. Silent H

    Innocuous/discreet carry knives

    I've never gotten a funny look using a stereotypical red handled SAK, or a Leatherman (Skeletool and Classic)
  8. Silent H

    Tacticlol Knives II: The Return of Ridiculous

    C'mon, everyone in the military knows that "death by powerpoint" is the worst kind of suffering imaginable. So many things I would rather do than sit through another useless slide show.
  9. Silent H

    Grivory compared to CF Elite?

    I've been wondering how the CF Elite stacks up to grivory as well, I'd like to see what answers you get OP. Despite it being out for over a year I haven't seen much in the way of comparisons between the two, besides people comparing the handle flex in the bugouts. Could it be because of the...
  10. Silent H

    Tacticlol Knives II: The Return of Ridiculous

    At least he's honest about what hes making. Calling those "Steamers" is some serious truth in advertising.
  11. Silent H

    Custom Knife Turnaround Time

    Their site isn't great at updating order status. When I log in to my account, I have orders from 2016 that are still listed as "Processing" If you haven't received any emails about shipping, I would give them a call and ask for an update on your order.
  12. Silent H

    Hashemite (Jordanian) Bedlam

    The Bedlam was originally designed for units in the Jordanian Military.
  13. Silent H

    710 Sprint Run

    That would be interesting, especially on the sheepsfoot blade with the hole. I just don't see them doing it when the Bugout is nearly a full flat grind, and that seems to be where most of their efforts are now anyways.
  14. Silent H

    Tacticlol Knives II: The Return of Ridiculous

    I almost threw up when I saw this pop up. I don't think anything in this thread can top a Buck 110 auto with crappy brass knuckles grafted onto it.
  15. Silent H

    710 Sprint Run

    Do you mean a full flat grind? Because ever since they switched the steel in the basic griptilians to S30V, they've all been flat saber grinds.
  16. Silent H

    Rough Rider & Related Slipjoints

    That is a nice one! I hadn't seen that, my local store only has a limited selection and I never really looked at them online. I'll have to look into that one.
  17. Silent H

    Rough Rider & Related Slipjoints

    I agree, I'd also like to see a Stockman in green micarta too.
  18. Silent H

    Rough Rider & Related Slipjoints

    I went in to my local hardware store looking for a Case Copperhead yesterday, but all their orders from the Case factory are still delayed. However, they did get their first shipment of Rough Rider knives this week, and out of curiosity I checked some of them out. I was genuinely surprised at...
  19. Silent H

    Wharncliffe vs. Quasi-Sheepsfoot

    I agree with you Blues, I prefer the modified blades with at least a little bit of belly. The only true Wharncliffe or Sheepsfoot blades I have are secondary blades on some traditional knives, and they're only used for opening boxes, or small detailed cuts where I only use the tip. Otherwise the...
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