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  1. nozyk

    Stunning T.A.Davison - regretfully ,must go......

    One of my most beloved treasures must go due to recent life events which have left us struggling financially. The description and pics are being used with Todds blessing. This folder is stunning in every aspect,one of his larger ones, and has never been used or carried. I've taken it out on...
  2. nozyk

    Dan Graves knives?

    Amazing quality and craftsmanship at very obtainable price points. Nice fella as well. You will not be disappointed. To Bob W's point: It cuts like a hot knife through butter. Take it out and use it!
  3. nozyk

    How Do You Drink Your Scotch & Bourbon?

    Swig it from the bottle.
  4. nozyk

    Kites and kite flying

    I sent a pm,but here's one I enjoy the most with my now eight year old. He's been at it since he's been three! This is a stock photo but we own this 11 ft. Delta and it is magnificent and literally a show stopper anywhere we launch. Wear protective gloves for handling the Dacron line! It's also...
  5. nozyk

    Swiss Bianco writing on blades

    so be it
  6. nozyk

    canon 70-200 2.8

    PM sent with ?
  7. nozyk

    Knife guys 300.00+ knife in 20.00 jeans.

    Are those Bugle Boy? :D
  8. nozyk

    New one dogleg-esk

    Beautiful! I don't often comment but this one simply looks like it's been a long time favorite of someone's and meant to be carried daily.
  9. nozyk

    Help - is this 21 a possible fake???

    Not even remotely a CRK expert; this was all I needed.
  10. nozyk

    Crazy to actually use an $800 knife?

    My fear is losing ,not using.
  11. nozyk

    Give A Way, one ounce of Silver Bullion

    Excellent,generous,fun and unique GAW! Thanks for the generosity! Please count me in.
  12. nozyk

    Big problem. Need help.

    Sheesh,what a soap opera.
  13. nozyk

    Sebenza in under 3 words (or so)

    Buy them used.
  14. nozyk

    Russians and the knife culture

    Слава Україні!🇺🇦
  15. nozyk

    Christy sliding knife variations?

    I'm in Northern New Jersey and the shipping rate was more than 1/2 the cost of the knife! I still carry my dads and my grandfather always had one with him. I have two I picked up at a local flea market for under ten bucks. Reading this, made me look into getting a shiny new one, seeing that...
  16. nozyk

    Groomsman gifts

    Cadet over Opinel hands down. Both excellent knives but for the layman as a edc,the cast wins-plus the engraving. I gave my groomsmen Swiss Army watches and they were a huge hit. That was 24 years ago....... My brother still wears his almost every day.
  17. nozyk

    Hudson Baby Bourbon Whisky in my Titanium Double Walled Tumbler

    That almost looks like an Atwood bigshot in ti. I don't think he made them in Ti. I have several nice tumblers in Ti from Horie, a couple of nice steel tumblers from Machine era and a camping mug from Snow Peak. All great for sippin whiskey. I'll have to find some of this Baby Bourbon in...
  18. nozyk

    How many of you do flea markets?

    I go to my local, rather large flea market almost every Saturday, weather permitting and have never seen anything remotely close to that! Mostly "knife" guys selling mall ninja Cutlery Corner dealer lots for absurd markups. They always have a crowd around them too.
  19. nozyk

    Why buy a 600$$ knife ?

    Just suck it up, kiss your marriage good buy and buy one. Then you'll know why.
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