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  1. Z51

    Busse BB13 SR 101 Battle Grade As New Unwrapped for pics

    First "I'll take it" here confirmed by a PM with payment info gets the knife!! I reserve the right to reject offers to purchase from some buyers.
  2. Z51

    I'M BACK..................Well, kind of back.

    Glad you are doing better Garth. Hang in there man.
  3. Z51

    Busse BB13 SR 101 Battle Grade As New Unwrapped for pics

    Busse BB13 SR101 Battle Grade As New, unused. Great chopper from Busse. Maybe even the best. To me, it feels like it has a more forward weight profile than the the other, more expensive version. Black with black handles. Final price now $399, was $425, Shipping $15 USPS only. Sales to the...
  4. Z51

    1/4" INFI

    Old Rip Van Busse!!!!! Picked up an ORVW 10 yr last weekend. Great bourbon!
  5. Z51

    Hello from Amy-0

    Love me some Amy-0!!!!!
  6. Z51

    Hello from Amy-0

  7. Z51

    Who's Drinkin'?????

    EH Taylor Small Batch and Ky Owl Rye.
  8. Z51

    Who's Drinkin'?????

    Blanton's store pick tonight. Great stuff.
  9. Z51


    I enjoy the HHFSH. It is one of my favorite knives. I'd encourage you to pick one up when you see one. But the currently offered INFI Ratweiler would fit this niche well. Great buy today too!!
  10. Z51

    Oops!!!. . . LAST CALL For The INFI Ratweiler!!!. . . Sorry About That!

    In.... Thanks for the head's up. Let's drink!!!!
  11. Z51

    Who's Drinkin'?????

    Enjoying a Buffalo Trace store pick tonight. Cheap bottle, great taste.
  12. Z51

    Photos All my longing!!!

    You've been fortunate that Busse secondary pricing is down. Most of these knives would have cost much, much more a couple of years ago.
  13. Z51

    How many would like to see more 1/8" thick INFI, 4" to 7" blade?

    I'm a 1/4" or more kind of a guy.
  14. Z51

    WTS Busse Combat WTF INFI Custom Shop Black G10 Satin Beauty

    WTS Busse Combat WTF INFI Custom Shop Black G10 handles, Satin blade, an absolute beauty, new mint. This will certainly be a Busse Combat legend in the future. Buy it now for $1497, $35 shipping, USPS money order or add 3.75% for Paypal. Shipping to US only, payment by USPS money order or...
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