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    I have a second run Feist that I would be interested in trading for a Finch 1929. This Feist is the one with the first run issues corrected, but is not the third run with the larger cut out and barrel standoff. I would be open to their offers.
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    Kizer Swaggs Swayback SOLD

    Do you still have this knife for sale?
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    FS: Finch & Kizer SOLD

    I’ll take the Finch.
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    All sold. Thanks BFC!

    I’ll take the heat if you have not sold it
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    Spyderco GB2(sold) & Techno 2 (SOLD)

    I’ll take the techno 2
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    Spyderco, Kershaw, Boos, ZT, Massdrop

    Any pics of the leaf storm?
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    Bigidesign Manufactured Where?

    Kaweco makes a really nice brass rollerball that fits in the front pants pocket. It’s fit and finish is really nice and because it is milled from a solid piece of brass it is bomb-proof.
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    ChopShop Firesale, round 4!

    Did you ever sell your phat phinger?
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    Collection Thinning SALE! Price drops!

    I'll take the black fox serge bean
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    Evans Knife and Tool Companion SOLD

    Are you interested in any spyderco folding knives as trades
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    Graham, Spyderco, Panchenko

    Please send additional pics of the leafstorm to [email protected] Regards.
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    Leupold VX-3L 4.5-14 X 50MM

    Can you include a picture of the scope from the other end?
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    Watches: Suunto and Protrek

    I have a kizer rogue that I bought off eBay that looks new. Have you any interest? I'm interested in the Protrek. Regards, Thomas
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    Watches: Suunto and Protrek

    Sorry. Double posted.
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    CRKT 9200 fix

    i figured this was as good a place as any. I picked up a CRKT 9200 multi-tool on eBay. There was nothing shady about it. He indicated that the release and catch for the Phillips tool did not function properly. I thought it would be a simple fix. Not for me it isn't. Is there anyone that...
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    Razel style fixed blade for electrical

    I have been interested in a razel style knife in a fixed blade for a while. I even put out the money to by a Graham wee razel. It turned out to be too short in the blade and thin and light in the handle. I have gone through about twenty CRKT stubby Razels with the horn scales. It is beefy...
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    DPx HEAT/F for sale

    I'll take it if it becomes available.
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    What do you guys do? What traditional knives do you use when doing it?

    I'm a high school teacher. We are not allowed to carry a knife at all. I call my stubby Razel a chisel.:)
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