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  1. badglide9705

    Carved Hawk on a tomahawk for sale

    My wife said that's the coolest thing and that I should buy it! So I'll take it! Aint she the best!!!
  2. badglide9705

    Recurve Camper / Chopper SOLD

    Payment has been sent. Thank you!
  3. badglide9705

    Recurve Camper / Chopper SOLD

    I'll take this one.
  4. badglide9705

    Patch Knife in NitroV, Leather and Elk Tine<SOLD>

    That's a lot bigger than what I would call a patch knife! But I like it, so I'll take it!
  5. badglide9705

    26C3 hunter (SOLD)

    Pete, I said the same thing myself! You snooze, you lose! JJ has been killing it lately! I'm going to snag one eventually.
  6. badglide9705

    Birch Bark Hunter - SOLD

    I'll take it.
  7. badglide9705

    False Edge SOLD

    Oh man, Gerry! That one has a lot of style! Really like it!
  8. badglide9705

    Greco Scagel-SOLD

    I have for sale a John Greco Scagel style hunter. Starting some small spots on the carbon steel blade from sitting around. It's never been used. But showing some age. Blade measures 5 7/8. Handle 4 1/2. Asking SOLD. PayPal goods and shipping in the USA.
  9. badglide9705

    (SOLD) two Clip point D2/Micarta (Loveless style)

    I'll take the yellow one. #497 Funds sent.
  10. badglide9705

    SOLD 5 layer Laminate, Bone Handle

    That's a great one! I don't want every knife you make, just every other one!
  11. badglide9705

    Boker Apparo

    I've had this awhile and never used or carried it. Time to turn it over to someone else. I had a really nice kydex sheath made for it. I don't remember the maker. Includes a ferro rod. $200 PayPal preferred. Only ships to the USA.
  12. badglide9705

    A Touch of Copper SOLD

    Hey Gerry, I'll give that a try!
  13. badglide9705

    Spyderco damascus

    I have one Endura and one Delica. Lock backs with no clips. Jigged bone covers. I believe both are new. No boxes, but they do come in a padded zipper case. Asking $270 each. This includes PP fees and insured shipping inside the USA.
  14. badglide9705

    Spyderco Lum Tanto-SOLD

    This is from the first run with the black micarta handle. I'm the original owner. Carried a bit but hardly used. A few scratches but very good condition. Original brown leather sheath and a black kydex from River City Sheaths. Kydex set up for inside the pants carry. Asking $250. Includes PP...
  15. badglide9705

    SOLD My Version of a Canadian Belt knife

    That didn't last long!;)
  16. badglide9705


    PayPal preferred, fees and shipping in the USA included. All are unused. Lee Reeves 11.5 long and 2.5 edge. Small pepper spot on head. SOLD Charles West 9 in. Long with 3.25 edge. SOLD John Greco 7.75 long and a 2in. edge. SOLD
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