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    Damascus Boot Knife SOLD

    I'll take this! You can reach me via email [email protected]
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    2 cleavers [SOLD]

    I take that. You can reach me via email xxxxxxxxxxxxx Paypal payment incoming
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    2 cleavers [SOLD]

    What would you want for #1 with a sheath?
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    5 walnut kitchen knives

    I'll take #1 Can't pm with my membership, but you can email me at xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    SOLD Hinderer 3.5 XM-18 No Choil Triway Spanto (Gen 6)

    Hey Peakbagger- I would DM but I do not have the membership for it... Are you negotiable on this? If so would you entertain $325? I'd take it for that if you're interested. Thanks!
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    It is my email address. I'm not sure if I'll be interested in it stripped, but am interested in seeing some pics and we can go from there.
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    I'll take it... But I can't figure out how to message you for info. You can request payment from me on PP g+s to [email protected]
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    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 1/3/2020

    Thanks! Have been admiring these blades for several years. I have been checking every Fiddleback Friday for over a month waiting for a daily user steak knife/food knife... And along came the Leuku! This may be the beginning of an expensive obsession...
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    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 1/3/2020

    I snagged the Leuku, and it will be my first Fiddleback... Can't wait to put hands on it!
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    ESEE Izula boot carry

    Thanks Lee. Great reccommendation, nice looking sheath and American to boot! Pardon the pun. I don't have any experience with the CPM but I don't think that would be a problem at all. Plus lately I have been trying to avoid the double edged carry blades, since I live in NY and all.
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    ESEE Izula boot carry

    That is a good recommendation, and even a bit cheaper than the ESEE, but the sheath is a dealbreaker for me. The way I carry (inside my boot on the outer left side) the sheath becomes honestly just as important as the knife. I have lost 3 out of 5 boot knives that I actively carried (1 retention...
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    Appalled at number of counterfeit knives on eBay

    For what it's worth, I reported a dealer that "took" me for a Rat 1, a while back. There are so many fakes out there that they actually "legitimize" each other by creating a false context. I just went over the the auction giant and put in a search for "Ontario rat 1", knowing now the difference...
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    ESEE Izula boot carry

    Did a seasrch going way back and didn't seem to find anything, so I have a question: Izula vs. Izula II for boot carry. Now I know 'not many' people carry knives in boots anymore, but I wear boots literally everyday and have been carrying on the outside of my left boot for about 4 years...
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    Fake Ontario Rat - 1?

    Goldenlightx I was informed by people around here who know to look for silver screws and clip. Telltale fakes. I know since my "rat" is also fake :grumpy:
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    Fake Strider for $500???

    Could have stopped at dhgate..... Fake, fake, fake. Everything they sell...
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    Looking for a bushcraft knife, budget $20

    What about this makes it a Mora beater? I'm not being snarky, really interested to know why you say that. I find the ergos on the Mora companion to be near perfect for my hand. From the photo, it's ugly compared to the mora, stainless instead of carbon (Morakniv does offer stainless- never...
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    Quantity or Quality

    I'm going to say both. Yeah, i know it's kind of a cop out, but really that's how I feel. From a work standpoint (chef), it's definitely quality. I have 1 Wusthoff chef knife and it's all I use in the kitchen. Otherwise, I have a few decent knives $100-200 range. I carry my ZT0566BW...
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