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    Bowie/fighter- Damascus and Ironwood burl

    WOW... Clean lines and BEAUTIFUL !
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    Damascus hunter with Ironwood

    Very nice package Milan. Beautiful Ironwood !
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    Filigree dagger. SOLD!

    Beautiful piece of art...Wow!
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    Hunter- W5 with hamon and Oak burl

    Beautiful clean lines...very nice Milan.
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    BACKWOODS {{INSANITY AT ITS BEST}} Check it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bill that is so insane. Wow ! If you dropped that thing in the woods it would crawl its way out:D
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    Damascus bowie with Ironwood

    Beautiful Milan !:thumbup::thumbup:
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    Intimidator: W1 with wild Hamon SOLD ALREADY

    BEAUTIFUL and Wild looking.....Nice!
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    41 knife blades

    Pay pal received and thanks again Heineken. These knife blades are SOLD !
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    41 knife blades

    They are yours and I thank you. My paypal address is in the forum ad for the knife blades. These are SPF"s
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    41 knife blades

    Japan on a sticker....Steel is 1/16 inch and I would imagine you could bite the blade with a good file.All of the blades have a AT then a number AT822 SS712 AT705 Where they were sold from I have no idea.
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    BC hunter/utility ,go mai (SOLD)

    BEAUTIFUL Brian ! :thumbup::thumbup:
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    41 knife blades

    I bought a bunch of knife making items from a knife maker that retired about 4 yrs ago and started cleaning out some of it and came across theses blades that were part of it. There is a total of 41 blades that are all brand new. Some have the handles attached (see photos) and it looks like he...
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    Panda Bear drop point $SOLD$

    Thank you Mr.Emery. Pay pal received. This knife is sold and I will have it in the mail for you tomorrow am. Thanks again !
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    Panda Bear drop point $SOLD$

    Thanks Ken. Always appreciate kind words from a friend. Especially when you love what your doing. Thanks again!
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    Panda Bear drop point $SOLD$

    Donnie Thanks for the kind words. We all appreciate comments whether they are positive or negative. Thanks again !
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    Panda Bear drop point $SOLD$

    Knife; OAL 6 1/2 inches long Blade; 2 inches long and 1/8th inch thick. ATS 34 steel hollow ground with polished and file worked spine. Hand rubbed to 600 grit and satin finished.Heat treated by Paul Bos in 2010 to 59-61. Handle; Moose antler piece that was harvested in 1939. I hand carved a...
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    Ivory & Antler Pendants & Carvings

    #24 Elephant ivory hook is $OLD. Thanks Keigan
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    A Big Old Bowie **SOLD**

    Beautiful Tim....That Spalted Hackberry is really special and it sure sets the knife off. Very nice!
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    Very nice Bill....Two beauties as usual!
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    Steingass Drop Point Fighter **SOLD**

    Nice TK....Love those ringed Gidgee scales.Wow!
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