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    DONT BUY FROM....Logan Pearce no delivery kept my $$$$

    You can't even fulfill your orders properly, giving free knives (Dummy). This is a typical Dan Koster and Survive! Knives status. Broke ass KnifeMaker!
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    Bad Chris Martin AKA Phantom Steelworks!

    I see a lot of hillbilly, redneck country boys starting knife business, but does not have a clue on how to run one.
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    Lionsteel T6....or M6.....or.....waiting anyway!

    Lionsteel can do better than K490 (O1) Steel.
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    Millit and Survive! Knives

    I was going through posts of Millit knives in IG and a saw a post from 72 weeks ago saying that the GSO 6s are I’m production, and that the MFG turn around will have a fast turn around. What a joke! Why are these clowns still in business?
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    Bad Survive! Deserves A Permanent Post In The Hall Of Shame

    Millit knives posted 2 years ago that the GSO 6’s are being bevel ground and will have a fast turn around. What a joke!
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    What is up with the RTAK 2?

    When OKC hired Tooj, I had high hopes for their quality to go up, but five or so years later, nothing happened, and just retired. It may not be his fault as his hands may have been tied on what to improve. I wouldn't waste my time and money for OKC knives. There are better options.
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    Dissappearing Laser Engr8

    Eeew! another corner cutting done by Emerson. Their knives cost about $30 to make. But you can't blame them for living in San Diego. Ernie needs to keep up with his expensive lifestyle.
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    Lionsteel's Black Coating?

    It's the same as gun bluing
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    Quality issue? Or am I just picky?

    Definitely a Bark river. DON NOT let them fix it. I had a Bravo 1 with the same issue. The Bravo 1 has 1.25" blade height. I sent it back and received it with 1" blade height. They took out .25" inch just to fix it.
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    Stonewashed M4

    It's FAKE
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    Silver Hammered Coating

    Does anyone have pictures of how this coating wears?
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    Photos a MAJOR reason why I love INFI

    Any carbon to semi-stainless steels with an edge that thick will yield similar results
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    Photos BRK 3V Rust/Patina - Is this normal?

    This is the 10th complaint i know that a BRKT 3v is mislabeled. The other 9 were proven to be A2 and replaced. Dip that knife in warm vinegar for 2 mins. if it gets great discoloration, then it's definitely and A2
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    For the purpose of not being labeled a "Troll" let's have some discussion here... When Toooj started in OKC, we all had high expectations, but 5 years in the company, we did not see any changes that deserves praise. We saw their quality go down drastically instead.
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    Toooj didn’t do shit as far process or quality improvement for OKC (bad hire) I don’t know if it’s his failures as a VP of engineering, or OKC is just plain cheap.
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    I wanna throw up...lost Emerson

    Just buy a Kershaw/Emerson! They are literally the same (Sub-optimal). The best one (with Emerson wave) would be Southern Grind.
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    Thoughts about pre-orders

    Nathan, these people that are all in on you, will be the same people that will trash you when you don't fulfill the orders in a timely manner. This is not a knock on you, I've seen all excuses out there. 1, 2, 3 man operation team, someone got sick and needed money to pay hospital bills, blah...
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    CLOSED, PRE-ORDER, Keffeler-18 Sword (The K18)

    While I have a lot of respect from you (Nathan). I have not seen a good track record for Knife makers asking for a full-price (unless you are Busse).
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    Bad Survive! Deserves A Permanent Post In The Hall Of Shame

    I may not like their business practice, but they make high quality knives. Only sucka's fall on Pre-order (full-payment) BS. Even Nathan the Machinist is doing this now (never pay for a full-price).
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