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    What SAK are ya totin' today?

    Nice story. I have a Victorinox 54875 that I would be happy to send you, if that is the model you are looking for.
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    Songs with knife content...

    Avail - F.C.A a2uhKQ2rq2g
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    Spyderco in Novels

    There was a Spyderco mentioned in the novel Micro by Michael Crichton.
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    Sal: ManBug Salt?

    Count me in for a black Manbug Salt.
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    What's Your Absolute Favorite Spyderco Steel?

    H-1 is my favorite.
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    Anyone else want to see more made in the H-1 Steel? Or just me..

    I definitely would like to see more H1. Maybe a Salt SLIPIT?
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    Loving my pacific salt a little more each day!

    Lance, I know exactly how you feel. I've been carrying a PE Pacific Salt since 2006. Occasionally I'll consider carrying something else, but I just can't get the Pacific Salt out of my pocket.
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    Eundura 4 Vs Salt: Which fully serrated Spydie should I get?

    I'm a big fan of the Pacific Salt. It's a great lightweight, low-maintenance knife. And H-1 with the SpyderEdge is an awesome combination.
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    Convince me to pick a Pacific Salt

    You've made the right decision :) I've carried a plain edge Pacific Salt since 2006. Edge retention has never been an issue and when it does need a touch up, sharpening is a breeze. To my knowledge, yes. Although it never hurts to check with your dealer when ordering.
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    Delica in Bullet to the Head...

    Is this the scene?
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    All Time Favorite Spyderco?

    Pacific Salt!
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    Spyderco, Sog, zt, kershaw, Inova

    Any chance you could post a picture of the Pacific Salt? Thanks, Carson
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    pacific salt

    I've been carrying a Pacific Salt since 2006. It's definitely my favorite EDC knife.
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    Bought A ManBug....Anyone Have It?

    +1 for H1!
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    **5.56 Giveaway** Sharpmaker+Extras**Contest Over**

    I'm in. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.
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    ***TRADE PENDING*** Spyderco FFG Delica 4 for Multitool...

    I've got a NIB standard SwissTool or a NIB SwissTool Spirit S if you are interested.
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    1000 Post Give Away

    I'll try 16. Congrats on the big 1K.
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