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  1. BP_

    Replacement Blade

    Yes we can absolutely sell you a new motor for your ‘69 Camaro anytime ☺️ On a serious note though. I think they keep a stash of older blades for warranty issues, from what I’ve been told. I don’t know how many models back they’ll go though. I was only inquiring about a Lg 21.
  2. BP_

    Eureka Jack in Pearl

    That is a very nice knife. Design, fit and finish, and material selection. Anyone would be very happy to own this. Nice work.
  3. BP_

    Filleting knife of choice ?

    I typically use an old Buck 121. Good size, stays sharp, and comfortable to handle.
  4. BP_

    Fixed Blade Bugout (-ish)?

    Thin, fast, light, slicey, and inexpensive. I don’t know of any production models that check the boxes, but for the same $$ or less this is a very nice custom and has served me quite well.
  5. BP_

    New Knife Company- Jack Wolf Knives

    M390 and titanium liners isn’t worth a $150 price increase in my opinion. There are plenty of excellent quality knives in the $125 and less category. At $275, I’d expect a handmade knife, and definitely not offshore outsourcing. On a positive note, I do like a lot of the patterns and sizes...
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    Funny(?) Story

    Agreed, the more info you give, the better result you will always receive. I just found it a little amusing and confusing that a knife industry person didn’t know, and wouldn’t ask or google, before replying to a customer. As a person that works with customers and vendors, though, I do get it...
  7. BP_

    Funny(?) Story

    Had to have been a new guy. He emailed back apologizing for not knowing, and offered to send me a clip for free. I do love Spyderco. That was just a funny interaction I felt like sharing :)
  8. BP_

    Funny(?) Story

    Maybe I’m just crazy for assuming. I’ll let you all be the judge. Wrinkled my forehead in confusion a little. Emailed Spyderco about getting a factory replacement clip for my GB2. The response I got was, “I don’t know what GB2 is referring to, but if you send us a picture of your knife we can...
  9. BP_

    Photos Tue Blade Tuesday

    I really like 2 blade knives. Especially little pen knives and the like. Here are a few I enjoy rotating. Happy two blade Tuesday. Schrade USA Queen Another little Queen Buck USA Buck USA
  10. BP_

    You're saying that wrong...

    This new generation that say the same word twice for emphasis. Ex: “that knife is sharp sharp” :confused: If you have kids I’m sure you know. If not, a YouTube rabbit hole would tickle your pickle. :D Thanks @David Mary :)
  11. BP_

    Lg31 Micarta for..

    Checking to see if anyone has a Marlin 30-30 to let go of, I’ll add cash to make it right. Also checking to see if anyone has a Blackhawk in 357mag or convertible, or 45lc in short barrel 4 5/8 Large 31 double gold lugs natural micarta. Bought direct from CRK, first owner. Pics if you have...
  12. BP_

    SliceOganzaaaa!!! . . . Wicked Thin Custom EDCs. . .Sunday, 4-18-2021 at 9:00 pm Eastern!!!

    Less than one half second early. Trying to be quick. Hit it a hair too soon. But it was fun just trying for it, I really enjoyed trying to hit that perfect time (even though I missed). Pretty cool. Congrats to everyone who scored! :):D
  13. BP_

    SliceOganzaaaa!!! . . . Wicked Thin Custom EDCs. . .Sunday, 4-18-2021 at 9:00 pm Eastern!!!

    This thread... Sunday, 4/18/2021... Earth... :rolleyes::D:p
  14. BP_

    The Sunday Picture Show (April 18, 2021)

    Morning gents. Happy Sunday, I hope everyone and families are safe and well. I’ll play today if that’s alright. Haven’t posted in a while so I’ve got some catching up to do. Life, saving money, you know the usuals. Those are some nice Rugers! I have been really wanting to pick one up in...
  15. BP_

    Recommendation? Knife for dad's bday

    I’d save up 25 extra bucks and have a Buck 110 with serrated blade built. It will last a lifetime. Or find a serrated 110 online and send it in for spa service, rendering it like new again.
  16. BP_

    GB2 m4 & Blur m4 FSS

    Inbox still shows to be full, so I sent you an email at the address on your OP. :thumbsup:
  17. BP_

    Most versatile/well-rounded knife you have

    All around fixed: All around folder: They are my “go to” in any given situation and have helped me out of countless situations. Another combo I’m very fond of, that have seen plenty of work:
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