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  1. sharp_edge

    Best EDC (in your opinion) for under $50

    At this point of my knife hobby, the only knives that I consider for under $50 are SAKs. Not trying to be snobby but I think up your budget to the $50-$100 range you have much more and better options, like Cold Steel Recon 1 and Code 4, Spyderco Delica 4 and Manix 2 LW.
  2. sharp_edge

    Which bugout and why?

    I'd just bump another $50 up to get the CF S90V Bugout. The CF scales look gorgeous.
  3. sharp_edge

    unwanted google ads?

    Google ads start to appear today even when I log in as a Gold member. What is going on?
  4. sharp_edge

    710 Sprint Run

    Other than the Russian guy, who else makes and sells 710 scales with good quality and reasonable prices?
  5. sharp_edge

    Military steel choice....52100, S110V, S30V, S90V, or? (Ultimately I chose M4)

    Free hand sharpening with diamond stones is the fastest and the easiest and it does not matter which steel you are sharpening, unless you are going after highly even and symmetric bevels. I have not sharpened my s110v Manix 2 but was able to free-hand reprofile my K390 Endela to ~10-13 DPS with...
  6. sharp_edge

    Spyderco Sliverax - opinions

    This may be obvious to many people but sometimes that a blade riding on ball bearings "vibrates" while traveling is due to a loose pivot. Tightening the pivot will help.
  7. sharp_edge

    Military steel choice....52100, S110V, S30V, S90V, or? (Ultimately I chose M4)

    About 8 Spyderco Millies passed through my hands (S90V, Rex45, 204P, S30V with ti, cf, g10 handles) and only one remains with me - my first Millie with digicam g10 scales and DLC S30V blade. Unless someone is collecting the model, I see a plain jane s30v Millie alone will last his life or maybe...
  8. sharp_edge

    Spyderco Slysz Bowie Question

    For me it is the looking. I know this is highly subjective but the handle shape looks ugly to me.
  9. sharp_edge

    Military steel choice....52100, S110V, S30V, S90V, or? (Ultimately I chose M4)

    Any Millie will do extremely well the work you described. So if I were you, I'd pick one that is readily available (and the least expensive if $$ is a factor).
  10. sharp_edge

    Lets see some Hinderer action

    Anyone knows if RHK and ZT have considered collaborating on a skinny ZT0562?
  11. sharp_edge

    Collecting vs Using?

    For me mostly just to see what a knife is like and how it feels in hand. Some may be used, some others may be kept as toys, and some others get sold mostly with a loss of $$. A Spyderco s30V PM2, an s30v Military, a K390 Delica 4, a k390 Endela, a ZT 0562cf, a SAK Poineer X, and a Leatherman...
  12. sharp_edge

    Compression lock - recommendations.

    I've tried only one model with the comp lock: PM2, and I love it.
  13. sharp_edge

    Lets see some Hinderer action

    I'm not sure if anyone noticed this but why RHK polishes differently the area on the blade where the detent ball glide through. I am specifically talking about blades of working finish. You can see in the pictures below for the XM-18 that area is polished while for the Eklipse it is not. I...
  14. sharp_edge

    Spyderco Slysz Bowie Question

    So finally this SB showed up today in the Exchange? $200-$250 mark up is actually not too bad compared to the ebay $1,000 price tag plus shipping ;).
  15. sharp_edge


    I have an Inkosi and a Sebenza 21, both large with inlays. Yes they are different in several places which everyone knows but honestly the differences are not huge IMO. I feel both are solid, smooth, great, and worth the asking money (again IMO).
  16. sharp_edge

    Does the Native Chief have lock issues like the Siren?

    Most Spyderco backlock folders that I've tried have some slight up and down blade play if I push hard the blade tip on a hard surface, just like how the guy in the video did it. But none acts that dramatically as in the video.
  17. sharp_edge

    Spyderco Slysz Bowie Question

    Am I correct that the SB's lock face is hardened and someone even suggested that the blade tang will be worn out first? If both are correct, then it should not be a problem that SB does not have a steel lockbar insert.
  18. sharp_edge

    Do not buy from Hinderer Knives

    Photo please. A large scratch from the middle of the blade to the tip sounds defect, definitely not something I'd attribute to the stonewhasing process. And I agree the OP should have contacted the dealer for a refund in the first place.
  19. sharp_edge

    Spyderco Slysz Bowie Question

    The K2 I received from a dealer has lock stick like hell so within 5 minutes I put it back into the box and shipped it back for a refund. The flat ti handle with edges everywhere makes it very uncomfortable in the hand. Well, back to the topic of this thread. Glad to see KnifeJoy sold this SB...
  20. sharp_edge

    Knives you want but can't obtain.

    None for me. If I want a knife but can't get it (due to unavailability or $$), after a while I no longer want it ;).
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