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    Truck bed extender

    I have a Deflecta-Shield Hitch Hand truck bed extender and it works great. I ordered it at 4wheelonline last year. I use it to haul my kayak and lumber sometimes.
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    What do you drive?

    Nice truck! Is it lifted or leveled? What tire size are you running? Looks like they stick out a bit. I drive an F150 also, and my next plan is to buy some truck accessories like lift kit, nerf bars, bug deflector and a lot more.
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    Best paring or utility knives for money...

    For the money, Victorinox is a good choice.
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    Pocket knife lanyard

    Not fancy yet looks effective.
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    What Brand of Shoes/Boots Do You Wear?

    I like Timberland and Caterpillar. They are comfy and hardwearing.
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    boning knife recommendation

    A 6” Victorinox semi-curved semi-flex is one of my favorites.
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    Some bushcraft knives

    Really nice work! I dig the handles.
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    give stainless handles a grey matte finish

    Not to hijack this thread, but does anyone have experience using the Stainless Steel Blackener?
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    A tip for carrying SAK.

    Didn't know that. Thanks for the tip.
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    100mph Tape, Duct Tape

    I have had very good luck with 3m and Gorilla tapes.
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    Need a 4 season "2 Person" tent. What's good?

    I heard great things about Hilleberg Jannu but it is expensive.
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    Need help picking out first Gyuto

    Another vote for CKTG. They have good customer service.
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    What light is in your EDC?

    I have an EagleTac D25C. It is not a super thrower but good enough and pocket-friendly and waterproof.
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    Inexpensive flashlight to keep around the house or in car?

    I have a Nitecore EC20. It is pretty powerful and has a switch to adjust the brightness level.
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    Looking for a wool outdoor shirt.

    If budget is not a concern, Filson wool shirts are a nice choice.
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    Shave Brush Wear?

    I would replace it when it starts to shed at a faster rate.
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    Ibuki blade blanks? (Updated with pics of first finished knife)

    Try also Thompson’s Scandinavian knife supply.
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    Your favorite small folder design by Jesper Voxnaes

    I like the design of the Pilar also. The handle looks very ergonomic.
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    Anybody driven the new Ford Ranger?

    I heard that some owners of the new Ranger are experiencing a leaky transmission so I ended up getting a '17 F150 instead. I can say that the F150 is a solid truck. Ride quality is not the smoothest but still comfy and quiet. Now I'm planning to get a retractable RollNLock tonneau cover to...
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    Battery Powered Lawnmower

    We have a Black and Decker. It works fine but not so great for cutting heavy grass.
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