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  1. jonnyfgroove

    What's your Cold Steel EDC today?

    I'm fine with it. It'll wear down over time just like the rough g-10. The area under the pocket clip needs to be smoothed out of course..
  2. jonnyfgroove

    What's your Cold Steel EDC today?

    New arrival..
  3. jonnyfgroove

    Cold Steel panic buy thread

    I ordered (all back ordered) a 4" and 6" counter point as I've always wanted to check those out. Also a backup Voyager XL Tanto and shovel.
  4. jonnyfgroove

    A sad/infuriating day of loss

    Haha, I've been following this thread and I knew the knife would be found eventually! The only time I've ever permanently lost a knife was when a Case peanut fell into the opening for the parking brake in my car. It was a yellow delrin with carbon steel that I loved so I tore everything apart...
  5. jonnyfgroove

    Wave my Coldsteel

    Awesome! The snaggletooth works very, very well on the XL voyager tanto.
  6. jonnyfgroove

    What's in your Cold Steel collection?

    Folders: AD15 S35VN SR1 S35VN American Lawman AUS 8 x 2 Recon 1 XHP 4" Recon 1 XHP Green G10 4" Recon 1 XL AUS8 x 3 Recon 1 XL XHP Recon 1 XL AUS8 Tanto Hold Out AUS8 3" Hold Out XHP Green G10 4" Hold Out AUS8 4" Hold Out XL AUS8 Ti Lite AUS8 4" Ti Lite AUS8 Aluminum 6" x 2 Espada XL AUS8...
  7. jonnyfgroove

    AD-10 and AD-15 Shipping

    Starting to get the hang of the AD15. It was awkward at first, but it's breaking in and I'm getting used to the opening/closing methods. I carried it all day at work yesterday and didn't really notice the extra weight in the pocket (I normally carry a Recon 1). The 15 has an amazing rock solid...
  8. jonnyfgroove

    AD-10 and AD-15 Shipping

    This could be Cold Steel's PM2. It's heavier than I'm used to and the scorpion lock seems intuitive, but I am still figuring it out. Overall this thing is unreal for the price.
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