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  1. E.D.C.

    Top 10 blades everyone should own

    Ginunting definitely doesn't belong on that list.
  2. E.D.C.

    Your steel sweet spot

    1095 is perfect for me.
  3. E.D.C.

    You're all carrying your knives backwards!

    This. Well said. I USE my belt knives edge down, in a normal grip. A blade-back handle-up carry makes sense for that.
  4. E.D.C.

    Who has a Modified Tanto Ka-Bar?

    I have one. It's great. Perfect bevels, feels amazing in the hand. Deadly bladeshape. Sheath is good. It's slim and lightweight for its size. It's something I'd carry to combat, no questions. It lives in the safe though.
  5. E.D.C.

    A game of Never will I ever, Bladeforums edition

    Never will I ever find tanto points useful.
  6. E.D.C.

    Using my axes, again.

    That is a thing of beauty
  7. E.D.C.

    What's the difference between the hults bruk vs gransfors bruk?

    I have several of each. GB axes are nicer, there's just no two ways about it.
  8. E.D.C.

    First Post. Hope I can get some feedback for improvements.

    I'd use something like 420hc personally.
  9. E.D.C.

    Tactical fixed.

    VERY interested in these. Can you share some of your favorite titles?
  10. E.D.C.

    One knife for the rest of your life

    Victorinox Farmer X
  11. E.D.C.

    RMJ Tactical....

    They were laser cutting and using CNC at least as early as 2017/2018
  12. E.D.C.

    Convince me that Becker isn't crap

    It sounds like you need to practice. Many, many people have no problem sharpening that knife.
  13. E.D.C.

    Buck 110 Ford Model T Salvage project

    Truly awesome.
  14. E.D.C.

    Finger grooves...yea or nay?

    Great both ways but finger grooves are my first love.
  15. E.D.C.

    Food and Blades

    I must have one!
  16. E.D.C.

    Food and Blades

    Who made that knife? I really, really like that puppy.
  17. E.D.C.

    Why are you fascinated with knives?

    Are you looking for a pat on the head? Everyone here, including you, knew exactly what he was asking.
  18. E.D.C.

    Ever heard of GSM Outdoors? They just bought Cold steel.

    That's such a good description of the forum as a whole lately :D
  19. E.D.C.

    Modern fighting knives? Not military combat!

    For dogs, for lack of other better things I'd carry a SOCP.
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