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    Flat Grind on Buck 110

    The flat grind is NOT a full flat grind like you find on a Case Sodbuster. It's actually closer to the Scandi grind of a Mora. Similar to a Mora, it's a great heavy duty blade. It works wood really well and I would trust the edge to not damage as easily as a thinner hollow grind like most...
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    A 119 Brahma.

    I use SnowSeal on my leather handled knives. I also gingerly use a hair dryer to drive it into the leather. Hadn't thought of Johnson's Paste Wax but it makes sense. I use that on Opinel joints - again, with a heat gun.
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    What knife is on your keyring ?

    An old timer at work advised me to move my Micra from my key ring to my pocket. I shrugged him off. 2 weeks later I'm standing at wedding party with a cold beer in my hand and no cap lifter because my keys were in my jacket pocket in the house. I went in, took the Micra off my key ring and...
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    What knives do you actually use day to day?

    This has been a really fun thread to see get recycled and it's been interesting seeing some old and familiar names and how relationships to knives have changed or stayed the same. Joining BladeForums (and several other knife forums) several years ago was a result of a renewed interest in...
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    “Discovered” the Hollow Grind WOW!

    Sure. Couple of points. Hollow grind is a very broad category and primary grind is only one of many factors. I think of slicing as the ability to go through non-self-separating material. Potatoes, apples, butternut squash are examples as is cardboard. I find that meat and rope is more...
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    “Discovered” the Hollow Grind WOW!

    Buy an Opinel 8 or 9 and put both knives to a side by side test for 2 weeks on your cutting board. Cutting is about thinness of the edge. Slicing is further dictated by thickness of the spine. When you get to stiff, hard to separate things like potatoes, I suspect the Opinel will outslice...
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    If You Could Pick 1..

    I would like a long straight pull instead of the current nick but the current nick is a part of the 110 look. Still, my 2 dot 112 looks better with no nick.
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    If You Could Pick 1..

    For the custom shop, I would recommend the aluminum frame for the 110. Would also recommend a Slimline brass option for the 112, to put it in the 500 size/weight range and suitable for front pocket carry.
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    Loose Blades On My 301 Stockman

    Right. Buck moved the production to Camillus exactly because of the costs associated with trying to repair Schrade's Swinden Key models. Camillus used a traditional peened pivot construction, which is why you need to closely inspect the bolsters for a visible pivot. Here's a Camillus made 301...
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    Virus school closures

    It's sweeping through the nursing homes in our area, including my father's. Clinically speaking, he has little hope. Praying for a miracle. The nursing home has already lost 1/3 of its residents.
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    Loose Blades On My 301 Stockman

    How old is it? In particular, are the pivots visible? If not, it may be an old one made by Schrade using the Swindon key construction. Once they loosen up, there's no good fix.
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    Virus school closures

    My uncle is a doctor and pointed me to this web site that gives updated state by state models. State level policies and population densities are accounted for in the models as I understand it. Dark reading.
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    Bucks Lightweight Series Strength

    IME, gifting knives is like gifting shoes or underwear. Every plastic Buck I've owned has loosened up at around the 12 month mark. I prefer metal bolstered ones. Today, it's a nickel bolster with flat ground drop point!
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    Plz help in budget kitchen folder

    I keep a brass Buck 110 in my butcher's block and use it for my utility knife BUT... I've dramatically thinned the blade on that 110 and have basically flattened out the top of the hollow grind. It's a much better slicer now. Not as good as an Opinel but close.
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    Talk to me about Knives and Pocket Organizers

    I see what you did there (ahem). My solution is to spend 5 minutes with a sewing machine and to stitch a seam up my right rear pocket on all my pants. About 1.5" from the outer edge from the bottom and about 2.5" up. This rear pocket keeps a large folder sitting upright along the outer edge...
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    Plz help in budget kitchen folder

    The performance of the Opinel is due, in part, to the slight convex blade grind. They also make fixed blade paring knives. For a folding steak knife, I like the large Case Sodbuster.
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    Best budget bushcraft knife

    Fixed Blade: Mora Companion Folder: Opinel #10 Inox Longer version... Mors Kochanski, the guy who wrote the book that brought the term "bushcraft" to be what it is today, was pretty clear about the need for a bushcraft knife to be fixed blade to do the things he described. He often referred...
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    Virus school closures

    This will keep you up at night. We will be lucky if this is settling down by Thanksgiving.
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    BUCK knives and the Scream franchise

    I don't think it was a digression in the least and think you have the history exactly correct.
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