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  1. redvenom

    Unknown Boker folder - some help to identify

    Thanks, I might have guessed. I will just go ahead and abuse them until they break.
  2. redvenom

    Unknown Boker folder - some help to identify

    I recently came into two of these folders when a local shop closed down, which apparently are part of the Boker plus line though I can't seem to identify them from the Boker 2013 catalog or any of the popular online retailers that stock Bokers. The blade measures 2.25" and says 154CM and Taiwan...
  3. redvenom great friend and shining light...has walked West.

    Farewell my friend, I will miss very much your stories and wisdom that you so generously shared.
  4. redvenom

    Blackwood customs?

    This is mine - a small tac/hunter with a D2 blade. The picture was taken when I first received it from Neil 6 or 7 years ago (IIRC). It has a couple of scratches now from use but has done a fine job by me so far. The handle is secure even when wet, the blade stays conveniently sharp and is light...
  5. redvenom

    Deals for 11/15 -- Pix Villager M-43, BDC and Awesome Buys

    Very nice blades - grats to whomever took these home :)
  6. redvenom

    Meeting knife nuts in real life, outside of Bladeforums...

    If I met a girl who could tell me that I'd marry her. No need to explain to the wife why you just had to buy "another knife just like the others" in the collection. The first I met a bunch of knife enthusiasts face to face was quite enlightening. With a table full of guys brandishing knives...
  7. redvenom

    Absolutly sick to my stomach.....

    I feel your pain. The timing is unfortunate as Auntie Yangdu is away but doubtless she will fix it when she gets back. There's the fine print on the warranty but HI to my knowledge has never let that stand in the way of doing the right thing when a customer has honest issues with one of their...
  8. redvenom

    The Fisher SPACE Pen.

    Interesting reading thread - will get a couple in with my next Amazon order. I remember seeing the original adverts for "NASA pens" as a teenager and it sounded as cool as it still does now.
  9. redvenom

    Remembering the (almost) forgotten days of the book

    Aint that the truth. Electronic media has a very short life span. I have movies on Lazerdisc which aren't much use except as frisbees. We have a roomful of old archived data tapes at the office that cant be retrieved because the manufacturer of the tape drive has long gone out of business. But...
  10. redvenom

    Remembering the (almost) forgotten days of the book

    I was seduced by the dark side and bought a kindle. Having used it for a while I find that I still prefer the quaint pleasures of turning over paper pages in old-fashioned books, at least for now. The only place I prefer my kindle is when I am taking a dump - easier to carry the kindle than an...
  11. redvenom

    When was the last time your HI piece scared the soul outta ......?

    Thanks for the tip Jay. I too like my blades to have a bit of "character" about them so I'm not too worried about trying to restore the mirror finish.
  12. redvenom

    When was the last time your HI piece scared the soul outta ......?

    There is a vacant bit of land just behind my home that is overgrown with banana trees which serves as my large knife testing ground. With a good chop, a big khukuri goes almost all the way through a mature tree. Decapitations of the smaller trees are easily done. It's a fun workout and the...
  13. redvenom

    I went Gold again.

    Hiya Raghorn, welcome home to the friendliest place in the internet.
  14. redvenom

    how to carry a big knife on your belt?

    I carry large heavy blades like parangs and khukuris strapped to a backpack for activities like climbing or looped over the shoulder if it doesn't need to be strapped down tightly. I usually have a smaller fixed blade on the belt as well which in case a blade is needed in a hurry. Might be a...
  15. redvenom

    Have you ever had to stash a knife? Where?

    Only once at a local theme park. Apparently some dignitary was visiting that day and they had the whole hog: police at the entry gates, sniffer dogs, metal detectors and a long queue at the gates which gave me some time to look around for likely spots to stash my microtech mini-socom that i...
  16. redvenom

    Hi Cantinaista's

    Good to hear from you again and I hope things get better for you soon. Take care Yvsa
  17. redvenom

    Monster Hunter International - good book with HI content

    Very cool, will check out the novels thanks for the tip. I have complete faith in the impeccable taste of khukuri enthusiasts
  18. redvenom

    Just received my first HI Khukuri (Surapati by Kami Santosh)

    Nice pictures - I am partial to the 18" Sirupatis myself - it would be the khukuri i would grab first if I only had one choice.
  19. redvenom

    First Khukuri ?'s

    I tend to lean towards the 18" Sirupati as an all-round do-everything knife. It is stout and long enough for big knife stuff but not too cumbersome or heavy to get in the way of things when worn or carried. I also like the 15" models if the blade length is an issue: M43 and BAS models are...
  20. redvenom

    'Hawk movies

    Ginger Snaps Back (2004) Prequel to Ginger Snaps and Ginger Snaps II. A werewolf flick set in 19th century Canada where Nathaniel Arcand as "Hunter" carries and uses a small arsenal of weapons including tomahawks. Not much gratuitous nudity though so may have slipped under the B-movie radar...
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