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  1. Hengelo_77

    How To Finish & Give Micarta/G-10/TeroTuf the "Wet" Look

    That's like asking what a good car is. Some people like a Ferrari, but if you have to move all the machines and tools from your workshop you'd be happier with a truck.
  2. Hengelo_77

    Calling all Wood Wizzards

    If my American English is up to standard then it is impolite to say that I like your wood. But I do, beautiful stuff!
  3. Hengelo_77

    Paid heat treatment in the EU

    Schanz and Steigerwald have the same price and both have a webshop. It is worth looking at both shops, Schanz has ironwood for sale at the moment :)
  4. Hengelo_77

    Paid heat treatment in the EU

    I use Steigerwald and Schanz, both also sell knife making materials and do other services. Where in Europe are you?
  5. Hengelo_77

    Custom Leather Wallets

    If you want some honest feed back: Your leather work looks well made, looks good and you seem to use high quality leather. But how you end your stitching is under par IMHO. Melting the ends and pressing it on the leather doesn't fit the quality of the rest. If you ride a Harley you don't fit...
  6. Hengelo_77

    Finger saver ring

    I like the colour. I think it won't be unhandy if the hole is to large. I hate it if things get made and my finger won't fit. Maybe do a S, M & L-size? Edit: 18mm would fit me comfortably, 20mm loosely
  7. Hengelo_77

    Finger saver ring

    Good idea, looks better thet a push stick. Can the plastic handle heat?
  8. Hengelo_77

    What kind of tape to use for putting together abrasive belt

    I wouldn't either. I got slaped by a broken belt a long lime ago, and it is no laughing matter.
  9. Hengelo_77

    Recommendation? Shop clothes - apron for grinding and general shop work?

    When hand sanding, handle work or other light work I throw on one of these to keep dirt off.
  10. Hengelo_77

    Progression question...

    Just look at a lot of knives and make what you like. Most important: enjoy what you are doing. Then after a while you'll find what you like, either perfectionate a hand full of designs or make every possible knife tou can think of.
  11. Hengelo_77

    Hidden Tang (Where to start?)

    You need either a broach or a handle with a pommel. If you choose thw latter, you can drill the material between the pommel and blade from both sides. Step 1: make a drawing Step 2: collect the materials Step 3: just go for it and enjoy the process
  12. Hengelo_77

    Making a dagger neck knife from a file,Questions

    Aneal the file, harden the tang but don't temper it. Hit it with a hammer. If it brakes you have a good chance the file will harden, if it bends take an other one. And do as Stacy says, reas, read read first.
  13. Hengelo_77

    Photos My first knife...

    I like it. Do you actualy put your indexfinger in the choil when holding the knife? Is so the edge is very close to your finger. Maybe round the edge towards the handle 1/16"to 1/32"
  14. Hengelo_77

    An Interactive WIP - Resurrecting an Old Bread Knife

    Bolsters and liners, yes, but a mosaic pin will be to much I think. Maybe keep it clean with hidden pins
  15. Hengelo_77

    Fucina mini belt grinder

    That machine made me think of umpa lumpas :) Cool machine if you don't need a full size one
  16. Hengelo_77

    Copper Scaled Fixed Blades

    Ask here, it coulde be done. Bronze looks even better then copper :)
  17. Hengelo_77

    Photos What custom is in your pocket today?

    Beautiful, what is that handle material?
  18. Hengelo_77

    What's going on in your shop? Show us whats going on, and talk a bit about your work!

    I just got a Claryx and nothing but good. I had a look at that huge wheel, maybe when I get into hollow grinding :)
  19. Hengelo_77

    Pocket sheath for Winkler Operator?

    Any leather place in Europe has these, you must be able to find them in America to
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