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  1. Arakiel

    Fighter 11" SOLD

    The lines on that...incredible.
  2. Arakiel

    2 SYKCO 1311's, minty fresh.

    Offer received via PM. SPF.
  3. Arakiel

    2 SYKCO 1311's, minty fresh.

    Brand new, unmolested, black on black, still in tactical cardboard sleeves. Must be 18 or older to purchase. Will ship priority post CONUS only, $250.00 each, paypal only, shipping with insurance included. First I'll take it/them gets one or both reserved for shipment, pending completion of...
  4. Arakiel

    8” Fighter / Combat Shiv / Pig Sticker

    Excellent design. I enjoyed the wip thread in its entirety. Would make this mine but for the fact it isnt stainless.
  5. Arakiel

    Dan Farr, Graham, May, David Cole, MMHW fixed blades

    MMHW has a full flat grind and distal taper?
  6. Arakiel

    Nice Production Knives

    Is the Boker first or second run? Do the handle scales line up correctly?
  7. Arakiel

    Fehrman Extreme Judgment hard use review

    That wood has a beautiful coloration to it.
  8. Arakiel

    Post Office theft?

    I've had this exact same thing happen to me as well. I'd love to know your outcome. My case was never resolved.
  9. Arakiel

    Quality Traditional Production Bowies

    For my money it would have to be the Bear and Son 14" bowies. Can't go wrong for less than 200.
  10. Arakiel

    I had a drunken knife modding moment last night...

    No harm done. I like how it looks with the swedge knocked off.
  11. Arakiel

    Stag Bowie With S-Guard & Hamon

    Jeez Louise!
  12. Arakiel

    HOLY COW !!! Have you seen this....

    This is how they stay in business.
  13. Arakiel

    5 Items For SHTF

    This is pure gold.
  14. Arakiel

    scratch in micarta

    Sorry, apparently I got testosterone confused with elbow grease. Honest mistake.
  15. Arakiel

    How many knives do you own?

    Including machetes and axes, a couple hundred at least. Not exactly sure.
  16. Arakiel

    Looking for a ~5" fixed blade

    Cost limitations? If not, I'd say get a SOG Team Leader in 20CV. Helluva knife. Can be had for 150.
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