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    Knives you want but can't obtain.

    Is the 2019 BF knife that hard to find?
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    The 1st cut is the deepest. Do you still own your 1st CRK?

    My first was an older Regular that I ended up selling as I did not like the lock access.
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    Does the Native Chief have lock issues like the Siren?

    No issues with my Rex45 but I've really not done anything but take it out of the box and playing with it a little.
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    PM2: A Little Ugly

    I also bought a PM2 a few years ago and never warmed up to it as I was obsessed with CRK at the time so I gifted it to my son-in-law. Over that last 6 months I've picked up two and have really appreciated the slicing ability. I was originally concerned about the thin tip but that has faded since...
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    Knives you want but can't obtain.

    My unobtainable was an AD20 but I did end up paying secondary prices which was a little painful.
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    If Cold Steel is your thing...Check this out!

    I'm loving my AD20 and will definitely pick up an AD20.5. Let's hope that it will much easier to pick up than the AD20.
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    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    I also tried to add a Mule to the cart and it was gone before I could even check out. Limit really should be capped at 1 only.
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    Spyderco 2021 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    I too had one in my cart and by the time I went through the check-out process it slowed as not available. Pretty messed up system for sure.
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    PM3 - I bent my pocket clip...

    I've bent clips in the past by catching them on various things. My CRK Sebenza has been a victim twice. I just remove it and straighten and reinstall and if you like that stock clip then try that first. One other option is to look at a titanium deep carry clip which is what I use on my Spydercos.
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    Stretch with V-toku2 steel? Buy / pass

    I have a Vtoku on an Endura and Delica. It does develop a patina but not too difficult to take care of and also easy to sharpen.
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    Demko AD20 - SOLD

    Sold to GJA-NH who was first in line. Thanks!
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    Demko AD20 - SOLD

    Possible trade in the works but still currently up for sale.
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    Kitchen Knives and cutting boards....

    End grain or you should look at soft rubber boards such as a Yoshihiro. My main Gyuto is a Tsourkan so spending $200+ on a cutting board so I don't have to sharpen it every week is worth the investment. If you want a wood board I would suggest that you checkout boardsmith as they have different...
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    I Think I've Chipped My Blade - What Now?

    I agree that you should just ignore the chip and sharpen and use as regular.
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    Demko AD20 - SOLD

    Dropping to $675 since I need to go to the post office tomorrow to ship another knife so if this is sold I can also ship then.
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    Demko AD20 - SOLD

    I bought this off the secondary market but it is LNIB. I ended up with a blue version also and I prefer that color. Action, centering, lockup is excellent. Steel is 20CV. Price includes USPS priority shipping SOLD
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    Demko AD20: Share Your Images and Experience

    I appreciate the smoothed out section on the grivory as it really does help to not chew up my pocket. The clip retention is really perfect so my AD20 does stay put.
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    My BK7 has a scratch

    A well used BK is a great BK!!
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    Most versatile/well-rounded knife you have

    These day's it's my Hinderer no-choil skinny slicer. Thin enough for good slicing, tough enough for more heavy cutting, perfect flipping and lock-up. Second would have to my my Tsourkan 240mm 52100 Work Horse Gyuto. To be honest since I do all the cooking kitchen knives see much more use on a...
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    Best US made flipper

    I also will vote for the Hinderer XM18 3.5" Gen6. Detent is very well balanced, flipping actions is great, and the overall construction is top notch.
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