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    Carving and Whittling: Discussion and Recommendation

    Take a look at Flex Cuts - JKN95 Tri-Jack Pro (around $90). It isn't a fixed blade (has three) but they all lock. Decent handle too. the blades are not carbon, but IMO very good steel/temper.
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    a good traditional edc

    You may also want to take a look at Canal Street Knives.
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    Case Yellow Handles - Yea or Nay

    You don't really have a collection until you have something in yellow. Of course this is debatable.
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    Like a couple of others said - 'I've seen that shield before' or something very much like it, I just can't remember where or on what ? Nice knife.
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    Most useful pattern

    I'd go for either a standard Barlow or a Whittler.
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    Old Case Knife Need Help Identifying 1900's

    It's called a Sunfish or Elephant Toenail. To help determine age, we'd need better pictures of any tang markings. Value - can't help you there & it's in pretty poor condition. If you want to do a little research, you can look at Flea-bay or similiar sites to see what 'like' condition knives...
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    Whittling knife

    It has probably already been said but my advise is to put the knife in your hand for comfort. Basically, you can whittle with any knife or blade style. The smaller or thinner the knife handle is the quicker your hand will become tired. Blade steel isn't a huge factor either, because again -...
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    The pattern that crept up on you

    For me it was the Case Russ-lock. Then I found a couple of those with a Drop point blade - That got me hooked.
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    added cigars to my list of vices

    +1 to CWL about wrappers. I feel a good rule of thumb is - anything with a Connecticut wrapper & you can't go wrong. For 'mild' cigars you may want to try something with a Candella (green) wrapper. If you like a cigar with some flavor, try Acids. My regular is a Proffesor Sila, Baccurrat or...
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    Other than Case, Who makes American Pocket knives?

    Utica, Bear & Sons, Ka-bar, I believe Col Coon is still US made (?)
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    do you like the look of flamed titanium?

    I take it this response was a no.
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    First traditional help

    Like above, if you like Barlows - then Jacks or Easy open Jacks would be right in line or Case's Sway Back Jack or Sway Back Gent. You could also branch off into Whittlers. But as previously stated, this could goe into almost any direction. As bladeboss said - you can't go wrong with a...
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    Help me pick a Barlow

    See if you can find one of the single or two bladed Queen Aluminum frame barlows. Made in the four traditional blade styles - Clip, Spear, Sheepsfoot, Razor - mainly derlin handles but if your 'really' lucky, they can be found in stag (the stag probably not for $70) but definetly the derlin...
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    How high is your work bench?

    All my work surfaces are set to 35". Since I have a small area (10'x14'), I can lay something long across all my power tools & everything is level. Work bench, Scroll saw, Drill press(base), rooter table, table saw, chop saw work surfaces all at 35". The grinder sits on a 35" platform.
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    Case/Bose Damascus Muskrat

    Have you tried to google 'Case/Bose Damascus Muskrat' ? I'd bet you'd get plenty of pictures. Your probably going to spend over $300 for one of those.
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    One blade or three?

    just a little confused - I don't see a wharncliff blade on your knife ? I see the standard clip, sheepsfoot & spey. Do you have a different picture?
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    What knife tunred you into a collector

    For me it was when I purchased a Tested era Case Candy Stripe 2 blade Barlow (Spear & pen)
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    Sway Back Jack in CV or GEC Courthouse Whittler???

    Of these two knives for 'whittling' I would go with the CHW. Reasons - three blade options, slightly larger bolsters for added strength. IMO - I wouldn't use either one due because the handles are too thin/narrow. Something of that size will be very pocket friendly but will tire the hand in a...
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    Last Folder Purchase

    Two quick questions - 1. what type of work do you do ? 2. what do you think are going to be your typical cutting tasks ? <-- mainly to determine blade shape & best steel
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    I need your knowledge to find a right knife for me..

    Schrade Heritage series & Steel Warrior both make a 3-blade whittler that locks but I don't believe they come in wood scales.
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