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  1. S.Alexander

    Solid epoxy handles?

    Would flooding the handle with CA after it's finished work? I'd love to know. I like the look of pinecone handles
  2. S.Alexander

    Solid epoxy handles?

    Also, please do not try to cast a live goldfish...o_O
  3. S.Alexander

    My new book, Knifemaking Hacks

    Looks great Jason. Are the quotes your own, or the maker associated to each knife?
  4. S.Alexander

    Run one more temper cycle 1055 knife?

    If you have information to suggest that CS only does 1 temper cycle, then another temper cycle may help to ensure the knife is durable. Otherwise there is no point in tempering it again.
  5. S.Alexander

    What is your most, and least enjoyable part of making knives?

    Haha thanks Randy. I try not to cut corners, but it's not the most enjoyable part for me.
  6. S.Alexander

    What is your most, and least enjoyable part of making knives?

    I love sliding the hidden tang on before glue up and seeing how it fits. I dislike sheath making. Maybe because I feel like I should be done the project already, but then there's the sheath to make ...
  7. S.Alexander

    Filework at 52 HRC?

    The files will be harder than 52 HRC, but will not cut the steel well. You'll probably dull them really quickly too. If you get a set of good diamond files that should work, or use a dremel
  8. S.Alexander

    Forge welding question

    Forge welding with flux (ie borax) ensures that no oxygen gets into your welds. This prevents scale or oxidization and allows the steels to weld cleanly. Make sure your surfaces are flat and ground clean. Tack weld them together, heat them up to dull orange in the forge then take it out...
  9. S.Alexander

    Recommendation? Tips for Shipping Carbon Steel Knives?

    Wd-40 does not discolour blades at all. You have to make sure your blade is dry before you apply it.
  10. S.Alexander

    Household items for treating leather ?

    Melted beeswax will work too. It's easier to work with if mixed with some neatsfoot oil, but you can make it work on its own.
  11. S.Alexander

    Something Fikeslike

    Not at all imo. It would look great that way.
  12. S.Alexander

    Finish for stabilized wood

    I also like a coat or two of tru oil on stabilized handles
  13. S.Alexander

    Bog Oak spear point

    Thanks for the nice comments guys.
  14. S.Alexander

    Bruce Bingenheimer Chiron flipper

    It pains me to have to sell this knife, and I may end up regretting it. But here it is... I am selling my Chiron flipper that was made by the late great Bruce "Bing" Bingenheimer in 2017. As far as I know, he only made a couple of knives with this type of steel. S35vn stainlesss steel with a...
  15. S.Alexander

    Bog Oak spear point

    This knife features my first successful forge welded blade, done completely by hand. The steels are 15N20 and 1084. The guard is hand forged mokume gane. The handle is ancient Ukranian Bog oak, that has been professionally stabilized by WSSI. The swedge is not sharpened at this time, but could...
  16. S.Alexander

    Gentleman's Bowie knife

    Thanks Mark. Please send payment to [edited] Cheers Shane
  17. S.Alexander

    Gentleman's Bowie knife

    This Bowie knife is thin, lightweight, and very quick in the hand. It balances directly on the guard and feels great to swing and hold. Comes with a hand stitched leather sheath. Frame handle construction with stainless hardware. The beautiful engraving on the frame, bolsters, and guard was...
  18. S.Alexander

    What's going on in your shop? Show us whats going on, and talk a bit about your work!

    I haven't made a bow yet, but thanks for the tip. I will remember that one .
  19. S.Alexander

    What's going on in your shop? Show us whats going on, and talk a bit about your work!

    I made a couple of draw knives for some upcoming projects. I'm planning on using them for some hatchet handles, and to make a longbow. The video is 16 minutes long, but there are pics of the draw knife at the beginning and end.
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