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    Doc Shiffer

    His email address is [email protected] I've dealt with Doc on multiple occasions and he's a stand up guy.
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    Saddleback Leather Medium Classic DCB

    Sent you a message regarding trade interests.
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    Ryan from AZCK here. We've listed pieces over the past few years in hopes of helping Dwaine to get back on his feet. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that he's made much progress. We currently have the piece that is listed on our site and one piece that hasn't been listed yet. These will be the...
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    Rexford Epicenter

    Great looking knife! Has the blade been reprofiled by chance?
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    Paul Long sheath - absolutely stunning

    +1 for Paul Long! I recently had a sheath made and I was very impressed with the entire process. Very clear/prompt communication, quick turnaround time, and a stellar sheath!
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    SOLD - Dr T (Taber) Cotton Sampler in Vintage Westinghouse Micarta

    Seconds? Can't believe I missed this beauty!! Congrats Moyosimba.
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    Arizona Custom Knives - something to watch out for

    Hey guys- Ryan from Arizona Custom Knives here. Really appreciate each of you taking the time to weigh in here and share of your experiences with us. We've sold tens of thousands of knives over the last 25 years. With that being said, we still see knives on a regular basis that we don't...
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    Les George Custom FM1 Carbon Fiber FS!!!

    Can't resist at that price. Please email me payment info.
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    knife dealer

    Sako and his team are top shelf. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them if you see something you like.
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    Steven Kelly Lightspeed SOLD

    I'll take it. Please email me your PP info.
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    East Coast / I95 Knife Stores

    Shooters in Jax (as mentioned above) has a good lineup of production knives. Arizona Custom Knives is south of Jacksonville, not all that far off of 95. They don't have a retail showroom but will sell directly if you let them know in advance that you want to stop by.
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    Tanto III One Piece

    Jackal87, I'm sure you are correct. I figured I'd look for information here first before taking up any of CRK's time. They are always incredibly helpful but I'm sure they also must stay pretty busy.
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    Tanto III One Piece

    Hey guys, just looking for a little insight here. I've got a numbered Tanto III one piece knife. The timeline/history sticky shows this piece as being made from 1987 through 1994. The birthday card on this one shows 7/28/90 and it's a rather low serial number. Just wondering if anyone has any...
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    Couple Genuine Surefires

    $1? Typo? I'll take it? ;)
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    Looking for local Orlando retailers

    Not sure what you are looking for or how far you are willing to drive but Arizona Custom Knives is in the St. Augustine/Jacksonville area.
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    Graham Hawkit - Titanium *Sold*

    I'll take it. Please email me your PP info.
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