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  1. gga357

    More Collection....Mirable Stuff

    Very nice Mirable collection!
  2. gga357

    More Sam and it's 'Terrible!'

    Another very nice one.
  3. gga357

    Tactical Folders....and my latest Kitchen Knife

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  4. gga357

    Any collectors left? Any new ones?

    Interesting question. By some accounts yes. Compared to others maybe a bit casual. I buy what I find interesting from makers who use materials and have a style I like. Life and division of hobbies mean knives do not get my main attention. Greg Abousleman
  5. gga357


    The link is valid. But image is not displaying.
  6. gga357

    A Damascus artifact knife

    Very nice work!
  7. gga357

    CLOSED, PRE-ORDER, Keffeler-18 Sword (The K18)

    In for 1 please. emailed 7/3 invoiced
  8. gga357


    Joe, it was great to meet you, Matt, David and Mr. Paul Long in person (among others) at my first Blade show. I already received the sheath from Paul. I will ping you about the Diskin integral flipper. Great video once again. Greg Abousleman In Charlotte NC area from Albuquerque NM.
  9. gga357

    Gamblers Vest Bowie in fossil walrus ivory

    That is very nice.
  10. gga357

    WIP-Fikes Jungle Honey - Finished pictures added!

    Thanks for posting the WIP.
  11. gga357

    Just checking in with a bit of eye candy.

    "Almost a smatchet" and drift are both looking good.
  12. gga357

    The "Ask Jo (NinJO) Thread"

    Was hoping to see you at a local event.
  13. gga357

    The "Ask Jo (NinJO) Thread"

    Any good shows near by, Mooresville, that may have some Carothers 3V?
  14. gga357

    We are experiencing some delays due to heat treat

    Ok will ask there. Mooresville.
  15. gga357

    We are experiencing some delays due to heat treat

    Any good shows near by that may have some Carothers 3V?
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