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    Cutting Board Wood vs Plastic.

    I like wood boards. Can't seem to get blood stains off the plastic. Wood can be fixed with sanding... Well, maybe the plastic could too. Sigh. I like wood.
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    Gayle Bradley Bowie??? Its REAL!!! PSF27 Steel???

    All this talk of "spray formed" steel and "gas atomized" steel should really make your 3D printer shake rattle and roll! :cool:
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    What's Your Absolute Favorite Spyderco Steel?

    I would love my Caly Jr. ZDP 189 if I could get it sharp. It gives me fits. ;). Honestly, I just need to get some Zen on with it.
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    TOPS Frog Market Special

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    TOPS Frog Market Special

    I'm getting visions of an old and tiny Vietnamese lady - or man - in a blood smeared apron lecturing me on filleting techniques while animatedly waving the blade about my face. :D
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    Zero Tolerance 0550/0551 Goodness

    I remember a few years ago when the TSA was worried about somebody dismantling an airplane with their pocket knife. Oky docky........... Bring it on! I'll need a few drinks first. Good thing I look good in hand cuffs. :eek:
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    TOPS Frog Market Special

    How are you liking it, John? Got time for a review?
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    Can anyone recommend a good stripper?

    No pics of the strippers? How will I know what to look for? Jeeze..........
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    What's your sharpening goal?

    I have decided that sharp enough is sharp enough. I know what I use knives for so I know when the blade is there. It may or may not shave hair off my body - usually does unless I'm in a hurry - but sharp enough is sharp enough for me. Anybody who has ever watched me field dress a deer knows what...
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    TOPS Frog Market Special

    Yes, and not very good technique.
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    Blade Replacement

    Buy a new knife and keep this beater as, well, a beater.
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    TOPS Frog Market Special

    Shipping is way too high. I'll wait.
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    TOPS Frog Market Special

    Man, I gotta get me one of these, Frog Market Specials! Strikes me as a very ancient and very useful blade pattern. This one is speaking to me in the kindred spirit sort of way. I'm tempted to pre-order directly from TOPS but I'll hold off in hopes of more reasonable prices once it's...
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    Mother-in-law put my knife in the dish washer

    My wife put away wet a cast iron skillet. Her twin sister cut cheese and sausage on the bare counter and left nasty cut marks. Ain't love grand? :mad:
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    Anyone get disenchanted?

    I bought a $20 Mora knife today just to sooth my soul. Sometimes low end just works right.
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    Southard with uneven stone wash showing grind lines?

    Looks within tolerance to me.
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    2014 Mid-Year Spyderco Catalog Supplement Posted

    The Bradley Bowie is talking to me.
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    Must-have Spydercos?

    Could we have an easier, less opionated question, such as the nature of being?
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    Military madness!

    Madness? Pure insanity.
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