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  1. alejandrino

    CZ 97BD..

    Got it! Sorry and thanks!
  2. alejandrino

    Dr.Dre Powerbeats3 wireless..

    Now $140.00 SHIPPED !
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    Casio & Seiko..NIB.

    Lowering.price ! Casio ..$225.00. Seiko $300.00.
  4. alejandrino

    Limited Run of Sebenzas with Super Steel Blades

    I thought he picked it as he helped in the development of the steel. I think the BG42 was good enough.
  5. alejandrino

    1911 Snakeskin gripss..

    for a Colt defender. Really stunning but too thick for my small hands. Been using slim grips and this are regular sized grips and uses the regular screw.. Used twice and took it off. Made from rattlesnake skin. Should fit all 1911 sub-compact pistols but his also has the Colt logo. Maker does...
  6. alejandrino

    Sog & Gerber Multitools for sale!

    What is the difference between the two Sogs??
  7. alejandrino

    Cartier Mens leather wallet...

    Still available!! $65.00 gift paypal!!
  8. alejandrino

    Cartier Mens leather wallet...

    A lot of responses on this wallet. First to say, "I'll take it, gets it"! Sorry, but my pics are too large to post here. Measures 4 1/2" high and 7 1/4 " wide(opened). Color is burgundy as stated on box( did not see that)
  9. alejandrino

    Cartier Mens leather wallet...

    maroon or dark red coloed. I had this wallet for about 2 years but just wore it a few times. I have another exact same wallet 6 years old and I bought this in case the other wore out but it is still in great shape so I decided to sell this. I have the box,Cartier card and the cloth wrap.Holds 3...
  10. alejandrino

    Radi sintra chronograph>>

    New in box with all papers ! All black ! Day/date,, chronograph,,timer. Easily switched off to only show the analog time!! Really beautiful and dressy watch.Ceramic casse, screwed back and scratch proof crystal !! Will remain new forever !! Need to sell !! $975. shipped ! Paypal(personal or gift...
  11. alejandrino

    SR-! Mini...

    Don't forget, Gianni, I started this thread!! Number one on the list!! LOL!!
  12. alejandrino

    3 " SR1 folders..

    I thought you were going to make smaller SR1 folders like maybe a 3 inch blade. NO ???I am waiting!
  13. alejandrino

    YOWZA!!!! . . . Describe The Busse Combat Forum And Win Some $$$$$$ . . . ..

    Finitely.. infinitisimal !!Not for nitwits!!
  14. alejandrino

    Compact .45

    Glad you got that settled. Funny, cause you started with a .45 and ended with a .380. Far cry!! LOL! I carry most of the guns mentioned here, a PM9, PM45 and a Glock 27( I also bought a 9MM barrel and mags for it as they also work on the Glock 27 when interchanged) Carry them is no problem.
  15. alejandrino

    Underwhelmed by iPad 2 Announcement?

    Apple is smart. Make something nice but leave out some gravy.. Make another in a few months, sweeten it a bit but leave some for the next new one. People just go crazy for the next one!!
  16. alejandrino

    pm45 EXTENDED MAG..

    Anybody got a PM45 using an extended 6 round mag?? Does the extension plastic encase the extendedd portion of the mag?? I have 3 Kahrs and love them but I think they make the worst designed extended mag on their PM series. Extended mags should look like part of the handles and theirs are not...
  17. alejandrino

    Mini Dreadnought framelock

    Although I am used to both systems, it would help to have both measurements instead of trying to convert. I think a majority of buyers are from the USA, no? I have one of your dread knives and carry it alot although I did some work on the handles to make it more to my taste.
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Native XF ad, Below bottom BC