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    SR11 Flipper

    A little bit to much going on for my taste. Still nice but maybe a litte bit more subdued texturing would be even better.
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    Boker Plus Urban Trapper Old vs New

    I have both versions and overall prefer the titanium only. Both flip nice.
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    Good place to discuss Boker (TREE BRAND) Garden,or Yard Shears?

    Looks like a poultry shear to me.
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    KUR New LionSteel knife 2016

    I really like a lot of lionsteels designs but the blades are always to thick.
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    Lionsteel Email promotion in german

    No problem, just wanted to let you guys know
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    Premium Urban Trapper?

    steel, anything resonable will do. it's a light duty gentlemans folder. I would like to see prime handle scales, buffalo horn, blond horn, polished premium woods. made in germany would be nice as well. 250 to 300euro.
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    Lionsteel Email promotion in german

    Hello Lionsteel, not sure who or how you translated your latest promotion into the german language. As it is now it appears very unprofessional. In any case this translation is really horrible and I think you´d be better of to stick with english. Most germans have enough english to...
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    Spyderco Native 5 Titanium price?

    Well ir was bought at cuttleryshoppe for 210 US$ which comes out as 190€. I also threw in 2 bottles of russian vodka that I bought near Moskau where I had to work at that time.. Anyway back to toppic. The core of my question is: Is the fluted titanium native relativey cheap and easy to...
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    Spyderco Native 5 Titanium price?

    I had a collegue bring me this knive from the US for around 190€. After recieveing it, it is all I wanted, Nice shiny gentleman EDC. Solid construction. Good ergos. Seems capabale of pretty hard use, The blade is short but that was as described. Now I wonder why is this knive fairly cheap...
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    Urban Trapper - a home run!

    Since the knife variations with the grip scales are not out yet check bokers website.
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    Urban Trapper - a home run!

    The new modells sheduled for this summer with grip scales look quite interesting as well. I am looking forward to the cocobolo version
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    Thick Tispine edge?

    It is a quite OK blade profile and resonably thin behind the bevel (similar to what spyderco does with the sage). Of course and this is unfortunately true for most production knives (the exeption beeing some traditional blades, Opninel, Laguiole) it could be a lot thinner and still be...
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    Boker Urban Trapper Brad Zinker Flipper

    Nothing much to add but I just recieved this nkive and I really like it. So bumping this up for more people to see. Very nice EDC. Decent very stainless steel (VG-10) Ultralight weight (1.7 oz, 48g )and useful blade length (3 3/7 Inch, 87 mm) The drilled holes in the handle not only look nice...
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    What would you like to see from LionSteel?

    Thinner blades Better cutting performance and still strong enough for any realistic task
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    Looking At My First LionSteel Knife

    Steel: Elmax is a modern powder steel 1.7C 0.8 Si 0.3 Mn, 18.0 Cr, 1.0 Mo, 3.0 V. From an engineering standpoint this is superiour to any damascus steel. Even with a lot of effort small mistakes happen when in the process of smithing (wording?) damascus steel. Great edge holding but a bit hard...
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    Lionsteel TM1 (SRX)

    A slightly thinner blade would be great. 4.5 mm is an overkill. No folder, no matter how overenginnered makes an effective pry bar. Use a pry bar or a fixed for that. 2.5 mm or 3 mm would make the knife lighter and an awesome slicer. And the blade would still be more stable then the mechanical...
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    Price Jump

    The SR1 Titan Version went up from 295€ to 310€. Opera, dagetta and ToSpine still cost the same as far as I can see. No idea about thier other modells
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    TiSpine LionSteel new knife 2013

    Same thing to germany. Must be the crossing of the alps that takes so long ;-)
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    TiSpine LionSteel new knife 2013

    I always thought that the thickness of the anodize coating determines the color with titan. After all its not die but thin film intreference that creates the color. Anyway money transfered with Iban
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    TiSpine LionSteel new knife 2013

    @mantzao, 85 mm = 3 3/8th inches. Do those extra 3/8s matter? @All, in some way I really like the polished look but it does not really look like titan specially in silver. I also wonder how much the polishing holds up over time. Anyway cool knife @Lionsteel. Steel insert or not. Sebenzas do...
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