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    Rike Knife THOR 4 / ZT0456BW / Spyderco Subvert - all $OLD

    Will take, can you email me at my username @ It won’t let me pm you PM Sent.
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    *Both Sold* Spyderco Police 4 & Super Blue Manbug

    Email me on the man bug I can’t pm. Myusername
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    Cold Steel and Damascus Delica

    Got email on the Delica
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    SOLD PM2 M390 DLT Red

    Please email me, my username
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    unable to leave feedback

    i get this message when trying to leave buyer feedback, cant seem to figure out why. "Invalid thread specified. You can leave feedback only for the starter of the thread or if you have started the thread." i clicked the add feedback under their sn thread url...
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    Spyderco Zabofly

    Email sent. If you didn't get it, email me (my username) @
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    Spyderco Rainbow Spyderfly B01PRB NIB

    Can you msg me what your asking price was?
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    One-Eyed Jack Any guess on the pricie range for this new model?

    lamnia says July with a price of 272.00
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    FS: Spyderco Para 3

    will take it, can you email me <my username> email on this site doesnt work.
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    Spyderco Lil Lionspy **SOLD**

    I will take it, Can you email me Email on this site doesn't work.
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    (Not So) New Spyderco Experimental CX06

    How many of these were produced?
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    Users not receiving emails from link in profile?

    I have sent a few users "email" via the link when you select their user name. They say they dont receive them. Is it a setting on my end or theirs or a forum issue? Can i not send private messages yet?
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    Knifecenter Manix 2 Sprint CF with Cruwear

    Did you not get my email? If you can email me at my username
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