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    Lightweight Scale/Handle Material?

    Check into Tero tuff. I haven’t weighed them myself but it is supposed to be lighter than Micarta. McMaster Carr has a lot of plastics and you may be able to review density specs.

    Recommendation? Hand Sanding Sandpaper

    I’ve been using Mirka gold psa from their rolls, on a piece of 1” aluminum bar stock. The psa is great, don’t have to use feathering adhesive or hold the paper onto the aluminum sanding stick. I bought some rhynowet based on suggestions here, but the psa is so convenient I haven’t used much of...

    Is this a new sharpening discovery?

    I’ve been playing around with a 200 grit cbn wheel and then 600 grit cbn paste on a stripping wheel. It is a nice aggressive edge, lots of bite. I had not heard of anyone doing different grits on different sides of the edge. I’m a little surprised to see this attitude towards Cedric and...

    Kydex Tips

    I’d agree, the first eyelet has a huge effect on how tight the sheath is. I think of it as putting the eyelet far enough away from the lip of the sheath to allow the Kydex to flex, allowing the knife out. If it’s too tight along on the blade, then put a layer or two of tape on the blade prior...

    uh oh...another AEB-L (Nitro V) question

    I tried ATP-641 and another product from ATP. I got similar results. I went back to foil. Seems like other people like ATP-641, maybe it was my process, but I couldn’t get good results, when compared to foil.

    Noob questions on milling scales

    You are going to need to do some hand/grinder work to mate up the scales to the tang. I don’t think you can know ahead of time what that will be, precisely. Could be a few thousandths here, .01 there, just depends. I machine my blades (more accurate than water jet) and my handles and I...

    3d machining a fixed blade?

    I use a 1/4” .09 bull nose end mill or a 3/16 regular end mill. I do a parallel tool path from the edge up. The support material is .015, the thickness I’m shooting for the edge thickness. I may drop that down a thousandth for clearance, but with the bottom depth for the parallel tool path...

    3d machining a fixed blade?

    This is how I do it. Hold it in the vise to drill the holes, then screw it to the fixture. Machine the top side, flip it using pins to locate. Then machine the bottom side the same way. Finally machine the perimeter to break it away from the stock. I haven’t had any problems with the tip...

    CPM-10V Steel - History, Properties, and How to Heat Treat

    Good stuff, thank you. I’ll try a low temper next time I use 10v.
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    Subzero/cryo freezer

    How long does it take to get to temperature?
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    13 Myths about Heat Treating Knives

    Interesting article, thank you!
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    2x72 Questions

    I say this because it’s a new grinder and it looks like you take it outside to use, and probably don’t leave it plugged in. If the vfd has not been used or has been on storage for a year, the manual for the kbac27d says to recondition the bus capacitors by leaving it plugged in, powered up...
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    Inconsistent Hardness...80CrV2

    How did you measure the hardness? I would leave some flat on the blade or grind after heat treat and testing if you want to directly measure the blade (vs handle) hardness. Surfaces are supposed to be parallel for hardness testing. Indenting an angled surface might explain the low reading...
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    Looking for S7 supplier
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    Recommendation? Folding Knife Tutorials
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    Recommendation? 20CV warping after hard-milling

    I’ve been using the lakeshore carbide 1/4 .09 radius bull nose for my bevels. I’m curious to hear Nathan the Machinist’s, and other recommendations. I’ve also been doing a parallel tool path, starting from the tip, to the plunge, and cutting from the edge toward the spine. Seems to work...
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    Recommendation? 20CV warping after hard-milling

    Gotta love figuring out machining problems. Here are some of my thoughts, I would look to increase the rigidity of you fixturing. I would consider holding from the spine and maybe along the entire edge. You can always cut off the spine tab after the bevels are cut, then cut off the tab along...
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    Recommendation? 20CV warping after hard-milling

    I haven’t hard milled a blade yet, but I have been considering doing it. How thin are you leaving the stock along the edge? How are you holding the blade? Maybe show or describe your workflow or order of operations for milling. From machining annealed aebl, I’ve milled one side, taken it off...
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    Karambit designs?

    You could check grabcad. Looks like there are some designs on there.
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