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  1. cold one

    Fishing, and hunting reports (share yours)

    Drove a couple minutes from the camp to hunt, scouted last year when I didn't have a tag, it's all public land about as far as you can see. I spend time in the area when I fly out to visit my father so I'm somewhat familiar with the area, he lives close to this hunting spot.
  2. cold one

    Fishing, and hunting reports (share yours)

    Thanks, he was smelly, my buddy was watching another water hole below me on the mountain but the herd was wallowing in one we didn't know about. Luckily I figured out the natural choke point where they were crossing over to the valley we were hunting.
  3. cold one

    Fishing, and hunting reports (share yours)

    Finally got my first elk, missed an opportunity at the herd bull 2 days before getting this one but with first rifle coming to a close I went ahead and filled my tag with this 5x4 bull. Shot him at 90 yards coming over the ridge from the dark timber, dropped right there. Was a great trip, can...
  4. cold one


    Green micarta DEK1. Worked great, gutted, split pelvic and later used it for skinning, only then did I need to strop it.
  5. cold one

    Carothers and Guns

    Couple new defensive tools.
  6. cold one

    Official BK18 Harpoon Thread

    I see the black Harpoon is on sale today for $70, not bad, I paid a bit more for mine.
  7. cold one

    SOLD, Some more Blade Show inventory

    DEK1 OD green, Thx.
  8. cold one


    Oh my, the DEK1 is on deck, giggty, giggty!
  9. cold one

    Blade show 2020 rescheduled

    I see, Blade is fairly close to me and it's always fun to go for a day or two and see what tickles my fancy. Guess I'll watch the Friday sales and if Blade happens I'll go, if not, I'll go next year, just hate to miss a chance to browse and fondle.
  10. cold one

    Blade show 2020 rescheduled

    Well, Blade Show 2020 has been rescheduled for August 7-9, 2020, if the ricey rona is under control by then, will CPK have some sweet knife offerings at Blade?
  11. cold one


    My wife is a case manager for the biggest hospital in Knoxville so she is considered essential, she doesn't work directly with the patients but has to go on some of the floors to get information to discharge them, when she gets home, it's straight to the shower. I'm working 3 twelve hour days...
  12. cold one

    A new family member...The BK-18 Harpoon....

    A new Becker knife, very nice addition to the tweener series, really like the blade shape and the slightly longer length. Gonna be a good seller I'd say, I know I'm getting at least two.
  13. cold one

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!

    Well said! Happy New Year everyone!
  14. cold one


    Merry Christmas everyone, may it be a blessed one!
  15. cold one

    Pigeon forge grudge match cutting competition

    Congrats, awesome win!
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