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  1. hopsbreath

    All sold! Thanks

    943 still available? I’ll take it if so.
  2. hopsbreath

    Spyderco Withdrawn Frankenspydie: Caly 3 — Grey G10/ZDP-189

    I’m keeping the CF/Superblue but the resulting leftover is up for sale. Both parts have been used but the blade has seen more use than the handle. That 420J2 cladding is prone to scratches and it shows. The G10 still has quite a bit of grip on it. The pairing fits together quite well, I’ve yet...
  3. hopsbreath

    2020 GEC #33 Conductor Thread

    A little too similar to the recent 62’s and the 82 possum skinners for me to justify buying one. That said, I’ll probably end up with both. :rolleyes:
  4. hopsbreath

    SOLD GEC 252208 Black Walnut Bone

    Up for sale is a GEC Northfield 252208 Barlow with an 08/08/08 build date in black walnut bone. It’s serialized #21/50 and has all the appearances of a well maintained user. Blade actions are snappy and tight but not the nail breakers the ‘08 series is known for. Of the few examples I’ve...
  5. hopsbreath

    GEC s #62/71/78/86

    I’ll take the 62 per our PM.
  6. hopsbreath

    2020 GEC #23 Trapper Thread

    I like that lined trim and hope they pair it with a satin blade!
  7. hopsbreath

    2020 GEC #23 Trapper Thread

    Couldn’t pass up that cherry wood either! Those turned out fantastic, don’t remember paying them any attention in the rendering but wow! :eek: Still have a micarta single blade on reserve, but it might be the jigged-Brazilian-double I end up keeping long term. Edit: speaking of the single blade...
  8. hopsbreath

    2020 GEC #62 Easy Pocket Congress and Pocket Carver Thread

    What a knife! To think I almost passed on it. Stronger pulls and snappier than the Tidioutes I already have, this one feels more solid overall. The primary is stronger than the secondary’s, same as the Tidioutes. Blade centering is perfection, it’s prettier than my picture. The knocks against it...
  9. hopsbreath

    2020 GEC #62 Easy Pocket Congress and Pocket Carver Thread

    B&R ordered because I’m a weak man
  10. hopsbreath

    2020 GEC #62 Easy Pocket Congress and Pocket Carver Thread

    Get behind me, Satan! Even has that red/black scheme, bolsterless looks fantastic on this pattern. Don’t know I can hold out if they’re still available later tonight.
  11. hopsbreath

    2020 GEC #62 Easy Pocket Congress and Pocket Carver Thread

    I’m trying reeeaaal hard not to buy a red/black F&F! Already have the white bone and cocobollo; I don’t NEED another... go buy them out before I have a moment of weakness please.
  12. hopsbreath

    Military 2???

    The CQI updated Military was quite a bit different than pre-CQI, I’d venture to say that’s as much as it’s changing for some time. As voiced further up, a compression Military isn’t a Military. Not like the Manix switching locks early on and giving us the CBBL and backlock versions. The Military...
  13. hopsbreath

    WITHDRAWN Queen QN1 Pilot Test Run

    Alright, who wants it? A little rough around the edges, blades snap nicely with strong pulls. Selling for what I paid for it, withdrawn via PayPal, CONUS only.
  14. hopsbreath

    Admit it... how bad have you cut yourself ?

    Yeah I know my feet are dirty, spent a little time in the garden today... that’s a 25+ year old scar from the time my big toe bone stopped a sickle. Parents didn’t have insurance so super glue and a whole lot of gauze was good enough. Not even an antibiotic script, fortunate to still have the toe.
  15. hopsbreath

    2020 GEC #62 Easy Pocket Congress and Pocket Carver Thread

    I keep lying to myself whenever I say I’m done with these. Some decently matched grooved stag landed today. My first polished blade #62, this is my fifth of the pattern.
  16. hopsbreath

    Spyderco SOLD

    I’ll take it
  17. hopsbreath

    2020 GEC #62 Easy Pocket Congress and Pocket Carver Thread

    I missed the boat on the shadow red F&F Carvers and needed to fill the void left inside me. Luckily plenty of Cocobolo’s are still available and this one is mine. Don’t care for the zebra stripe cocobolo that seems prevalent but this one isn’t that, it’s lighter in hue with looser lines, I like...
  18. hopsbreath


    There WAS a Military in 52100 on the exchange last week. Finally got that backup I’ve been wanting. :D Love that knife, only duplicate in my entire collection.