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  1. FlaMtnBkr

    Microtech Troodon’s

    Is the carbon fiber on both sides?
  2. FlaMtnBkr

    A question for long term Zero Tolerance owners.

    I think it just depends. Some seem to last forever while others seem to break after not much use. If you are worried about it go to the ZT website and they have a warranty form you can fill out and request basic parts and order a torsion bar to have on hand if it ever breaks. I wouldn't...
  3. FlaMtnBkr

    Blast from the past favorite out of prouduction knives in your collection

    That must be the large Talwar and not the XL? I have a large and picked up a couple XL when they popped up at a great price and they are almost comically huge. I probably won't ever use them and would like to track down another large before they are all gone as I like the design enough, I've...
  4. FlaMtnBkr

    Giving Credit Where It's Due - Josh Mason - Good!

    Most probably don't know who he is, or at least I don't. At least I'm not sure though I have an idea. Is he a member? If so, what's his user name? Website? Etc... Looks like good work.
  5. FlaMtnBkr

    Recommendations for FFG Titanium Flippers

    Are you looking for full titanium? Or can the non locking scale be something different? A bunch of ZT knives should fit the bill. Also, what size do you like? If you like them in the large range, the Reate Horizon D with either full titanium or a carbon fiber show side scale is a really nice...
  6. FlaMtnBkr

    Push cutting paper with 36 grit stone?

    I don't think your loose belt will work well because it can flex so much and is really made for straight razors which I believe they basically lay flat on the belt which wraps around to refine the edge. Not positive about that but I think most of us mount leather to a hard backing like a piece...
  7. FlaMtnBkr

    EP issues - move to stones or paper wheel?

    The paper wheels I have come with grit on one wheel that has wax ground into it. This wheel is for raising a burr on a dull knife. The wax helps lubricate and cool as the wax will melt which requires heat which it pulls away from the blade edge. The other wheel has a thin slot cut radially...
  8. FlaMtnBkr

    Push cutting paper with 36 grit stone?

    Cheaper and usually softer steel can be a pain to sharpen. Some will get a burr that seems almost impossible to remove unless you grind it off at a steep angle and basically dull the knife. Very light strokes seem to be necessary with softer steels and edge trailing strokes can help as well...
  9. FlaMtnBkr

    Need some tactical advice

    I don't think I would recommend an OTF for many things but for a backup weapon for a non knife person I think you could do a lot worse. Plus it has a high cool and gadget factor that he will enjoy carrying and showing his buddies plus he's one of the few that can carry one without issues. The...
  10. FlaMtnBkr

    EP issues - move to stones or paper wheel?

    I have paper wheels and at first I liked them but as time went on I started seeing their flaws. If you like a nice flat edge bevel forget about the wheels right now. They will inevitably create a convexed edge eventually because there is nothing to hold a consistent angle, a round wheel has a...
  11. FlaMtnBkr

    Need some tactical advice

    If he isn't already a knife guy which he isn't since he doesn't carry one, he may not become familiar with one and it's opening and closing which you would want to be second nature in a stressful situation. Especially if it will primarily be a backup weapon, which isn't that great of a weapon...
  12. FlaMtnBkr

    Bent tip!

    Spyderco doesn't offer replacement blades because of their CQI or small modifications to the design to make it better and because knives made in other countries come as assembled knives and they are already fitted and no extra blades. A picture really is best because we have no idea how bad...
  13. FlaMtnBkr

    so, what do you think?

    Knowledge as well as patience and the right tools. Many don't even have one, much less all 3.
  14. FlaMtnBkr

    Diamond paste question/concern

    I use spray and it's really easy to apply and I'm thinking about buying more to stockpile since it doesn't seem to be reliably available and the paste sounds like a huge pain. If I were doing it I think I would be inclined to squeeze out the amount I wanted to use and mix it with a couple CC...
  15. FlaMtnBkr

    Flipper Thumb

    I'm not sure I understand this. What fun is cutting your finger? For that matter, what fun is closing a frame lock? Yes, flipping open can be fun, but closing? Not unless it's an AXIS lock or similar that doesn't require your finger to be in the blade path. So why would you close a knife...
  16. FlaMtnBkr

    LG phones (V10 and now V20) making LOUD beeping at random

    Do you have many apps installed? Want to list them? Do you have a friend that would want to mess with you? There are some apps that let you locate your phone if you lose it and also let you lock the phone and even do a factory reset to erase all data. But they also can make the phone 'scream'...
  17. FlaMtnBkr

    Anyone carry IWB?

    I carry IWB pretty much 24/7/365 at the 1 o'clock position and a CCW pistol at 11 o'clock if I'm out and about and I rarely can tell it's there and my preferred carry location. I carry any folder and any lock type and have never had a problem though I could see it being uncomfortable if you...
  18. FlaMtnBkr

    What is the most valuable info you have learned since acquiring your knife sickness??

    For me, I've learned I really only like modern folders and fixed blades and traditions folders go mainly unused. I also like a 4.5"-5" handle and don't carry much outside of that. I don't care for metal scales that much or frame/liner locks. I'm also a bit of a steel snob and like the harder and...
  19. FlaMtnBkr

    What is the most valuable info you have learned since acquiring your knife sickness??

    I was just reading a thread where a new member introduced themselves and confessed their new 'addiction'. And lots of people were throwing out little tidbits of knowledge so I thought this might make a good thread topic. So, is there anything you have learned along the way you find valuable...