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  1. whitty

    ZT0308 and ZT0308BLKTS with custom LMF scales at USA Made Blade

    LMF Joe has been crushing it lately with more stunning scales for the ZT0308 and ZT0308BLKTS. Check out all of these pictured below at: 1c 1a 1d Thank you for looking! Scott (Whitty) Whittington [email protected]
  2. whitty

    Customized ZT0640s with OD and Black Micarta Scales at USA Made Blade

    We have some new ZT0640s customized with either OD Micarta Scales with Bronze Anodized Ti, or with Black Micarta Scales. Check them out at; Z641 Thank you for looking! Scott (Whitty) Whittington [email protected]
  3. whitty

    ZT0308BLKTS with Custom Red Micarta Scale at USA Made Blade

    Joe from LMF Knives has been crushing it with different Micarta scales for us for quite some time. We just got in a new Red Micarta scale for the ZT0308 and it looks stunning with the Tiger Stripe blade! Check one out along with our other ZT's with customized scale options at...
  4. whitty

    New Hinderer Half Track Bowie at USA Made Blade

    We are excited to announce the newest Hinderer Half Track. The Half Track Bowie! The Bowie Blade style fits the frame perfectly and makes for the most appealing Half Track to date! Check one out exclusively at: Thank you for looking...
  5. whitty

    TM Hunt Custom Knives M18 is back at USA Made Blade

    It has been a long time so we are very excited to have some new TM Hunt Custom Knives M18s in stock. This beast of a knife is the one you absolutely want to have if lost in the woods! Check one out at: Thank you for looking...
  6. whitty

    New Hinderer Half Track Wharnie at USA Made Blade

    We got in some new Hinderer Half Track Wharnies today. These have Working Finish Ti with Stonewashed Blade. Get all the durability of the Working Finish on the Ti and corrosive resistance of the stonewashed on one knife. These are currently available with Working Finish and Battle Bronze...
  7. whitty

    Nicholas Nichols Makers Mark Bourbon Barrel Handle Knife (Limited Edition)

    Nicholas Nicholas Custom knives has come up with the latest creation. This is the limited edition Makers Knife. The Makers knife has handles made out of a Makers Mark Bourbon Barrel. The Knife is made from Nitro-V Steel and comes with a custom leather sheath with Nics logo on it as well...
  8. whitty

    New Les George VECP Flippers at USA Made Blade

    We were very fortunate to get in a small batch of Les George VECP Flippers today. Check them out at: Thank you for looking! Scott (Whitty) Whittington [email protected]
  9. whitty

    Hinderer XM-18 3.5" Spanto in S45VN, Micarta Scales, Hardware and More at USA Made Blade

    We got in a new batch of XM-18 3.5" S45VN Spanto Knives, some battle bronze/blue ti hardware kits, and some great smooth and textured micarta scales for the 3.5". Check it all out and more at: Thank you for...
  10. whitty

    Kershaw/ZT Picture Thread!!! Let's See Em'!

    Happy Friday the 13th! 308Des
  11. whitty

    New ZT0308 with Black Walnut, Desert Ironwood and more Custom Scale Choices at USA Made Blade

    We just got in some new stunning custom scales from LMF Knives for the ZT0308. We now have them available in Desert Ironwood and Black Walnut. At this time these are only available with the knife. The original coyote g10 scale is also included. We have other great options of OD Micarta...
  12. whitty

    Zero Tolerance Current/Upcoming/Discontinued Models

    Hate that we can't call these Sprint Runs anymore! I guess we will all get used to calling them Factory Special Series (FSS). Just sounds weird to me. I am excited about this one. Seeing how pre orders have been going it looks like a lot of you are. These are the best pics I have...
  13. whitty

    New ZT0562BLGRY Factory Special Series (AKA Sprint Run) at USA Made Blade

    ZT had to change the name from Sprint Runs to Factory Special Series. This is their first FSS and it looks awesome. The ZT0562BLGRY has Blue Carbon Fiber, a 20CV Grey PVD Coated Blade, and Gray PVD Coated Ti Lock Side. These are expected to be in stock very soon and now available for...
  14. whitty

    A bunch of new Anodized and Customized ZT Knives at USA Made Blade

    We have been very busy lately cranking out a lot of new options for your next Zero Tolerance Knife. Everything from new Saquatched Out Patterns, paisley fade patterns, new scale options and Stars and Stripes finishes. We hope you will check out all the knives pictured below and more at...
  15. whitty

    New Batch of Bolstered Fiddleback Forge Custom knives at USA Made Blade

    We just got in a small but stunning batch of Bolstered Fiddleback Forge Custom Knives. Check these and more out at: Thank you as always for looking! Scott (Whitty) Whittington [email protected]
  16. whitty

    New anodized knives (ZT, Hinderer, Hoback) at USA Made Blade

    We have been doing some new cool anodizing lately and wanted to show it off. All our anodized knives are available at: We have decided to do something new and have done a few knives with a Paisley Fade Anodizing. Right now...
  17. whitty

    Lets see some Hinderer action

    Just block everything but knife people. That is what a lot of folks do. They are just on Facebook for the knives;)
  18. whitty

    Les George Knives VECP Flipper in CTS-204P now at USA Made Blade

    We are very excited to announce that USA Made Blade is now a dealer for Les George Knives. If you are familiar with Les George and the knives he produces then you understand why. There is no better way to announce this partnership than with a launch of new VECP Flippers in CTS-204P. Check...
  19. whitty

    Lets see some Hinderer action

    Sorry for the long absence from this thread but bought a new house that needed a ton of renovations so my spare time has been non existent the past few months. Figured I would come roaring back with one of my favorite Stars and Stripes we have ever done!
  20. whitty

    Hinderer XM-24 Sheepsfoot are now at USA Made Blade

    This is the first time Hinderer has done the XM-24 in the Sheepsfoot. It makes for a stunning beast of a knife. Check out our full selection of them at: Thank you for looking! Scott (Whitty) Whittington...