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    Outdoor fixed blade

    Spartan blades alala, us made.
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    Anyone made a bakers Lame ?

    I'm picturing something like a short bladed Japanese style fix straight razor or just a kiridashi. Either way as others have said, still have to keep it sharp.
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    interesting law for the great north ; ) knives allowed up to 2.36"

    Um I don't see where in your first post you asked for knife suggestions. Just: Thoughts? Will this be allowed in the US? Seems like folks are responding to that. But, Ye Ole spyderco ladybug among others are handy and affordable in case they do get swiped
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    interesting law for the great north ; ) knives allowed up to 2.36"

    Several years ago the US was headed this direction, but it got "reevaluated" and shutdown shortly after it was publicized a bit.
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    CRK Green Beret 7" Sheath Options

    You can try Bayou custom sheaths and see if they can accommodate.
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    Everybody say hi to my mom!

    HI nates mom! Heard your son is pretty good at what he does.
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    Any collectors left? Any new ones?

    Been collecting mostly Harsey custom and production work for years now. Managed to pick up Harsey made Applegate-Fairbairn Smatchet 001 a couple of years ago. The rest of the collection is fairly random and many get used, but smatchet no 1 and the Harsey made prototype for the CRK Neil Roberts...
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    Farm/Ranch suggestions

    Spartan Blades - Alala might fit your specs. Produced in partnership with kabar in the US from their 1095 crovan.
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    A curious question

    It's never been stated outright that I've seen. I do know that the PVD coating Spartan uses isn't cheap and they're a much newer and smaller shop. Might be a bit of economy of scale or some differences in production processes that add to spartan's cost. Could also just be price structure.
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    Fake Chris Reeve OEM on Amazon

    Lots of fake Reeves out there. They have a counterfeit page on their website. I think fakes can also be reported to AKTI. Probably too many Chinese knockoff shops to fight them all and I'm sure they can shutdown and rename to get back in business.
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    Texturing options for Chef Knives

    For what it's worth, As a buyer I wouldn't want any texture that would make it retain food or create resistance in cutting.
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    Which knife industry person/people would you like to have a beer with?

    Les George Bill Harsey - had a few already with him Tim Reeve - had a few with him too Ann and Chris to talk on moving to a new country to star a knife business. Phil Wilson Les George Sean Kendrick
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    Spartan Blades quality?

    They may be a bit lax on their fixed blades cosmetics, I've seen that one some I own. The folders I find have a bit better fit and finish. The grind lines and such aren't something I would be concerned about for function, but I understand wanting better for the prices. They're still a pretty...
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    Brands to stay away from

    Based on my experience Darrel hasn't made the knives even "customs" for a while. Ordered 1 in 07 that came out wrong but good quality. Tried to replace it a few years back and I believe it was made and shipped without so much as an inspection by him to notice the blade was extended beyond the...
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    Who you gonna call...?

    Second this, Mark and Curtis will get you squared away, call the shop. They like to know of issues so they can try to prevent them in the future. Sending it back to dealer may or may not get the info to them. Same applies to Reeve.
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    Vanax for the Sebenza

    Tim has already stated they'll switch to s45vn once they finish their current blade stock. And any steel they use will be US produced. They were advised against CPM 20CV/M390 for the properties they value in a folder blade.
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    Ritter RSK Mk2/BK12

    Edited, responded too quick.
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    How do you measure 2-part epoxy?

    Ahhh memories of school. Sometimes I wish I could go back and learn more metallurgy.
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    Cutting Boards

    I like deans work at Old Yankee cutting boards.
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    Why are some people so biased on Cold Steel?

    Watched 3 of their throwing knives fail catastrophically due to poor heat treat (indicated by large grain structure seen in the break). The QVC knife salesman gimmicks don't help.