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    Prices lowered on last 3 Blades....
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    That knife flows together from tip to butt. Some of the nicest ironwood I’ve seen. Beautiful. Would like to see a picture from the top of the spine!
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    CLOSED, Keffler-18 (K18) Sheath pre-order, group pricing offer

    Silly question : Is the Pack sheath the same as the Pack sheath that comes with the Baldric setup? Guess what I’m asking is.... as long as you get the Pack sheath option you can add the Baldric straps later? Sheath looks excellent! Glad I went with the brown.
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    GSO12 is SPF
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    GSO12 is still for sale
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    Some great blades that need new homes! Payment: Paypal, M.O.’s - Price includes shipping CONUS , elsewhere will be additional. “I’ll take it “ posted here will work. PM or email questions, offers etc. Trades: Looking for a Wenger Wolverine / Burger sword cane ...?? .. feel free to let me...
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    Everybody say hi to my mom!

    Hi Nate’s done good! Be Proud!
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    Fun Friday Sale! Delta 3V Flipper!!!!!!!!

    Missed this one but.......I’ll claim 1st spot on the preorder list!
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    AD10/PDW Ti/Ferrum Forge BAK

    Email sent. Thanks.
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    AD10/PDW Ti/Ferrum Forge BAK

    You got it. Send me a PM.
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    AD10/PDW Ti/Ferrum Forge BAK

    PM’s answered. All still available...
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    AD10/PDW Ti/Ferrum Forge BAK

    All great knives - Prices include shipping (CONUS) PM or Email questions, offers or for more pics. “I’ll take it” posted here is priority. 1) Cold Steel AD10 S35VN .... unused with box. $135 (SOLD) 2) Brand new PDW Titanium STS...Beautiful blade with jimping in all the right places. Excellent...
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    K18 in AZ!!

    Congrats on the K18! Orange kydex looks great!
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    18" Keffeler Sword (K18), AKA The KOD Piece

    Sure doesn’t make the waiting for the win.
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    2020 year in review

    Well, they say variety is the spice of life , and you have all the bases covered! Beautiful blades one and all. #18 really stands out to me. What are the specs in that?
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    18" Keffeler Sword (K18), AKA The KOD Piece

    To have both those names on one blade is almost too much to take! I think it moved Jerry!!! Congrats on a fine blade.....
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    Medford, Tighe, Shirogorov, Pena, Begg

    Enemy1g has a WTB add for the Dr. Death I believe.
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    **SOLD** Giedymin Kapuscinski large Lopper Knife - 11+" of sharp 5/16" 80crv2 AWESOMENESS

    I’ll call 3rds......its a crazy world , never know! Congrats on a beast of a knife!
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    18" Keffeler Sword (K18), AKA The KOD Piece

    Somehow I missed that bend test too. Took nerves of steel to do that !