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  1. ljusmc

    Benchmade customer service

    I sent them a knife last week, got an email a couple days ago saying they received it and I would have it back in 2-3 weeks.
  2. ljusmc

    Infidel failure to fire/retract

    Thanks. I called today and spoke with a nice gentleman named “Nate.” I’ll be sending it in for service.
  3. ljusmc

    Infidel failure to fire/retract

    I got a BNIB Mini-Infidel about a week ago. Its really cool overall. I'm not happy about the amount of blade play, but I read that was going to be a problem before I even ordered it so I'm not complaining. But, over the last couple days, the knife has failed to retract the blade several times...
  4. ljusmc

    Benchmade Infidel?

    Looking at picking up an Infidel, but not 100% on which size. Anyone have some size comparison pics showing the Large & Small Infidel next to some other common knives? My primary EDC is a Large Sebenza, but I also have a Phaeton and it’s a good size, so if anyone has both and can post up some...
  5. ljusmc

    Natrix Copper

    I sold mine within 2 hours of getting it in the mail; I didn't care for it at all.
  6. ljusmc

    Natrix Copper

    That doesn’t even make sense. I have some copper Olight flashlights and I’m sure they didn’t go through this long to “perfect” the finish. They just vacuum seal it and it stays new until the purchaser opens it and starts using it. I don’t know why kershaw can’t do the same thing.
  7. ljusmc

    Kinfe for 11yr old

    My son is 11, he carries a RAT-2. He has an Alox Pioneer that he doesn’t like, and he’s been eyeballing my Opinel No. 7 lately and wants me to buy him one.
  8. ljusmc

    10,000 post GAW

    Wow cool I’m in!
  9. ljusmc

    Medford Praetorian G question

    I have been gifted a Medford Praetorian G, and as I anxiously await its arrival, I have been trying to read about them. In doing so, I have developed some questions. 1) When did Medford switch to the new “six-gun” pivot instead of the two-hole spanner? 2) When did they switch to using the...
  10. ljusmc

    Inkosi or Sebenza

    Get a large of one and a small of the other; I’ve had sebenzas and decided I wanted an inkosi; now I have an inkosi and i sort of want another sebenza. So the only solution is to have one of each.
  11. ljusmc

    Natrix Copper

    Not me, because I doubt anything will take my CRK Inkosi out of my pocket for any real length of time, but for a week here or there, I have no problem carrying the copper natrix.
  12. ljusmc

    Natrix Copper

    Anyone heard anything about these? I pre-ordered one back in March but haven’t heard anything yet, except for my weekly “we haven’t forgotten you” email
  13. ljusmc

    USN release

    What do you mean hiding search results from the open web? If you mean individual profile information, that’s personal preference. I have my account set up to be 100% private, and I specify not to be searchable on the web. Is that what you mean?
  14. ljusmc

    USN release

    Holy crap, paranoid much? If I’m lucky, I have another 30 years on this planet. If Facebook wants to know who I’m having an affair with, my shoe size, or what my favorite snack is, let them have at it. When I’m dead, none of that stuff will matter.
  15. ljusmc

    USN release

    I can’t believe no one has posted screenshots from Tim’s video .. here, allow me:
  16. ljusmc

    Small Inkosi. Micarta vs Plain

    I have a large micarta inkosi and love it. I’ve had a sebenza with micarta inlays as well. Aside from appearance, the micarta makes the knife noticeably more comfortable to use, in my opinion. That being said, I’m going to even things out one day and pick up a small plain 21. I love plain CRK’s...
  17. ljusmc

    Double thumb studs? Likes? Dislikes? Can they be installed after purchase?

    I have had both and prefer a single stud. My inkosi has double, and while i don’t hate it, I don’t use the other one... so I kinda wish it were a singe.
  18. ljusmc

    Hypothetical - CRK Amanzi?

    You don’t have to leave your CRK behind when you go to the beach. It won’t corrode unless you plan on leaving it in the water...for days.