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  1. Dyn Blin

    Hand forged bottle openers

    I'd like to reserve one, funds coming shortly
  2. Dyn Blin

    Tri-Fold Wallet - Wickett & Craig Harness in Olive Green

    Another beautiful work, Peter. The little Rondaxe you made for me is standing up beautifully to rugged daily use.
  3. Dyn Blin

    Repost SOLD

    Good afternoon. I'd like to purchase, payment inbound with a couple of questions. Thanks!
  4. Dyn Blin

    Leather Field Notebook Case (Prototype)

    Pete, 'just came home for lunch and checked the mailbox, thank you! The workmanship and finish are really beautiful. My go-to note pads are the "Rite in the Rain" 3.5x5's 56-sheet side-bound and the cover is perfectly-dimensioned and fits well in the back, side cargo, or front pants pocket on...
  5. Dyn Blin

    Leather Field Notebook Case (Prototype)

    Very nice, & that sounds great. I just sent a note from my personal email for details.- Thanks for the quick reply.- MA
  6. Dyn Blin

    Leather Field Notebook Case (Prototype)

    Exactly what I didn't know I needed for patient notes! It's really classy and would make those EMT notebooks a bit more durable. With a nice coat of beeswax or Sno-Seal, it should wipe down well, too?
  7. Dyn Blin

    2 camping hatchets- BOTH WITH 50$ DISCOUNT!

    Wow, nice work on the smaller unit's handle scales. I've always had Wenge splinter when I've tried that. How are they finished- is that an oil stain, or did you vacuum epoxy?
  8. Dyn Blin

    CHILDRESS* Clip Point Hunter*Stabilized Birch Burl/440-C**

    That pin pattern is really sharp.
  9. Dyn Blin

    CHILDRESS*Hard To Miss*Orange G-10/440-C Hunting Knife**

    I really like it. I would love to see that in a party knife so it would be easier to spot when someone tries to walk off with it!
  10. Dyn Blin

    Knife Offload

    Good afternoon Austin. Email inbound on 2017-6.
  11. Dyn Blin

    Tapio Wirkkala puukko (80CrV2) - price drop final repost

    Beautiful work honors the regional style.
  12. Dyn Blin

    EDC knife

    A functional and attractive design.
  13. Dyn Blin

    Landi Kitchen Fillet and Fillet Blanks

    Thanks for the quick response, John.
  14. Dyn Blin

    Titanium, Copper, and Zirconium Lanyard Beads & Outdoor Gear

    Beautiful work on some robust items. Are your boxes sized to store a fire piston and survival kits?
  15. Dyn Blin

    CHILDRESS*Party Knife*440-C/Stabilized Maple Burl**

    For feedback- thank you Wayne- very happy with the knife!
  16. Dyn Blin

    CHILDRESS*Party Knife*440-C/Stabilized Maple Burl**

    Wow, delivered already today. The pics of the burl handle didn't do it justice, that grain is stunning in person. Thanks Wayne.
  17. Dyn Blin

    CHILDRESS*Party Knife*440-C/Stabilized Maple Burl**

    Much appreciated. I've been watching for one, but haven't been quick enough.
  18. Dyn Blin

    CHILDRESS*Party Knife*440-C/Stabilized Maple Burl**

    Wayne, I'll take it! Got a grad who will love it
  19. Dyn Blin

    2 Knives - Thunderstorm Kevlar Handles

    There's something about that Thunderstorm S35VN design I really like. Beautiful work.
  20. Dyn Blin

    Mid-tech flipper in S35. USA customers save on exchange rate!

    Both of your comments address my question. Thanks RipD.