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    18" Ang Khola/16.5" Chiruwa Ang Khola Questions.

    I have a 16.5 CAK and it is amazing, I love that knife and I take it on all my hiking/camping trips. you won't be disappointed :thumbup:
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    Deals for 1/29 --Pix, Purna Dui Chirra, Yuvraj Western Style Knife and Great Buys

    Your first BC?!:eek: But you have like 100 Khuks?! lol
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    Deals for 1/28 --Pix, Bonecutter, Baghe HI Magnet and Beautiful Offerings

    beautiful khuks, if I wasn't toothless that BC would be coming home with me :o nice snag Kamidog, that's a beautiful knife :eek:
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    Padam Baghe Knife and Dui Chirra for 1/27

    wow they are both amazing, lucky you got in there Gehazi, that dui Chirra is amazing, and that little curve on the spine makes it all that more unique. :thumbup:
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    Sad day in bawannaville

    Good luck to him :) he'll be right mate, if he's anything like you he'll have no dramas.:thumbup:
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    26.5" Bamboo Cutter

    Good work philllll, now you can plant some bamboo, harvest it daily for the shoots, and cut it with the bamboo cutter. or jus wreak havoc on the bush for fun :thumbup:
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    Thamr Samsher and Yuvraj M-43 for 1/22

    I've noticed the name Bahadur pop up a lot, does anyone know if it's a common name, or one of those names of region/religious significance?
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    18" Kumar M43 review.

    :barbershop_quartet_Taco taco man, I want to be, a taco man!:barbershop_quartet_ Nice review buddy, thanks for sharing. Hope you can keep up with it ;)
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    Thamr Samsher and Yuvraj M-43 for 1/22

    Oh. And that samshar is amazing <3 shame I missed it. I work to buy khukuris, but miss khuks cause I'm at work :/ Great snag Danny :D:thumbup:
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    Thamr Samsher and Yuvraj M-43 for 1/22

    My CAK is my preference when out in the bush. I'm not sure if the grind on my M43 is off, but the lighter CAK out chops it :/ I've gotta do a bit of work on my M43 then I'll give it another whack. But I'd go with the CAK as a good all rounder.
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    Kami Marks - prefer dot style or the old carved style?

    Jeez, is there anything you can't do bookie? If you could start working on a money tree that'd be tops mate :thumbup:
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    Khuk Kollection & Khuk Rack Konstruction

    Haha the more you know aye. That'd be right, getting taught Australian words by yanks. I spoke I know a fair few American words too so it evens out I reckon.
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    Khuk Kollection & Khuk Rack Konstruction

    I don't know what fossicking is, but if there's money in it I'll give it a go :) and I've never had vegemite on a burger, but hell, I'll give that a go too. ;) And the rack looks great mate, give those khuks some well earnt breathing space :)
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    Kami Marks - prefer dot style or the old carved style?

    I prefer carved. I have a few that are dotted and one or two are kind of messy, surely it can't take THAT much longer to carve the kami mark in right? Is it a time thing or a tool/fatigue thing I wonder.
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    Atlanta Cutlery Antique Kukris

    I really wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of these also. Actually my first choice khukuri was an antique one, until I stumbled upon HI that is :P
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    Khukuri care

    After I take my khuks out into the woods, I come home and clean them down with some methylated spirits and a cloth or an abrasive sponge, dry them off really well then coat some air tool oil on them, it's ascorbic so it sucks any moisture off the blade. Works a treat. And coat the wood with some...
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    Sorry for going silent

    Sorry to hear about your old man buddy. My grandad passed over Chrissy which was rough but time heals all wounds as they say. I actually spotted one or two of your khuks/sheaths on that auction site everyone keeps talking about. You do some real impressive work. Keep it up and looking forward...
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    Christmas Ang Khola, arrived!

    If you're carrying it at a show and they give you the stinkeye, well my friend, they're at the wrong show. :D
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    Christmas Ang Khola, arrived!

    Very nice, yeah that's a dhan bahadur I think that's how it's spelt. I've got 2 from him, no hammer marks in his blades, even in his DBVUK :thumbup:
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    Khuk Kollection & Khuk Rack Konstruction

    Haha great job mate! What a beauty! Gotta agree with pugs, you have some serious gear man. My man cave is seriously lacking in the heavy machinery department. Needta work on that :)