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    Favorite Rare Spyderco

    By far the rarest that I own... A few other not-too-common ones:
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    Heads up! 5% off Spyderco 4 day sale!

    Knifeworks is a Dealer, BTW. One of my favorite places to buy Spydies, too!
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    Thanks Ethan! (March 2014 Challenge prize)

    Thanks for replying, all! And thanks again Ethan. It's already been getting use: @Fritz...ummm...seriously?
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    Thanks Ethan! (March 2014 Challenge prize)

    Thanks for replying, everyone! I have been wanting a BK15, whittling is one of my favorite pastimes, and how did Ethan know that I needed more cord? And as for the man himself, I can't say anymore than has already been said, except for THANK YOU! :thumbup:
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    Top 5 budget knives

    Folders: Rat 1 Spyderco Tenacious Spyderco Delica 4 Kershaw Skyline Kershaw Thermite Fixed: Mora "Stout Little Bushcraft" by USAKnifemaker Boker Plus Rambler Mora Mora
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    Bent 16 Therapy!! WIP thread! Updated: 4/23

    I'm glad that Dex is going to fix 'er up! I can't wait to see the results. :D About the scales--email me if you want to know where to get the 1.5" x 5" scale sets...
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    Thanks Ethan! (March 2014 Challenge prize)

    As most of you know, I was awarded a BK15 as my prize for competing in the March 2014 Shelter Building Challenge. It arrived today--thanks Ethan & KaBar! Not only did I get a brand-new 15 (which I have been wanting for some time), he also incuded 2 BK&T "Whittlin' Sticks," 100ft. of Decoy Line...
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    Which knives from your collection...

    Well, if I'm going to get killed with my own knife, I guess I would want to die with something nice. So probably this: Or if I wanted a folder, then this: [/URL]
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    Becker Photo Scavenger Hunt

    Sorry guys--that was a joke place holder until I took a picture. Sadly I was busy, and didn't remember. :o
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    Becker Photo Scavenger Hunt

    I have two parakeets. Now whatcha gonna bribe me to take a pic? :D
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    Boker Nano

    PP sent! :thumbup:
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    Boker Nano

    I'll take the Spyderco Economy!
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    My beloved BK16 is bent!!!

    Maybe that could be the start of an interesting mod? Micro khukri? That is, unless the heat treat is wrong (could explain why it bent.) Anyway, sorry to hear about it!
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    Young knife collectors/users - deux

    EDCing this original Starmate for a change:
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    Discontinued Golden-made Spyderco owners--show your knives!

    It really is a sickness...:eek: First, I got my little C24 Blackhawk a companion--the C23 Renegade. And I found this fairly rare Golden-made Meerkat... And then this original Bob Terzoula Starmate came along...
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    Snark it, Snark it Good seems to have died out, though. (Thankfully--it is a pretty stupid expression.)
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    March 2014 Challenge - Outdoor Shelters

    Thanks Ethan! :thumbup: I sent my email--I can't wait to try out the BK15. I have been wanting to try one of the trailing point BKs.
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    Snark it, Snark it Good

    Uh oh! Somebody's getting in trouble...;)