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    Worth it?

    Thank you. For sanding This came to mind.,9620.html?sc=WGB&utm_source=GoogleBase&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=GoogleBase Well I know how to do the knife just not the extras like belt clips.
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    Worth it?

    I have a drill. Can I use brad point bits for the holes or Do I need to buy a special kydex bit. about the same thing.
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    Worth it?

    I know how to do it just not cut it cleanly with out power tools. I am not so big on the power tools. And for the upgrading Ill wait till I know if I want to or not. But, Thank you.
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    Worth it?

    I am thinking about starting out to sell kydex sheaths It will cost me about $400 including kydex sheet prices is it worth it? Also How do you cut it?
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    Show your stckers/decals!

    That board is nice for pictures but get some use on it
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    Alabama "jungle" school coming

    Will this one also cost $1400?
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    Izula vinyl label / decal

    I can't find the link.
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    Izula vinyl label / decal

    most stickers are vinyl and say indoors only
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    Izula vinyl label / decal

    are they made for outdoors?
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    How bout a contest?

    This shirt makes me feel like I am better than a man but I am really not.
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    Scouting: Pinewood Derby and Izula II

    way better than mine I did a while ago
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    Need a new coffee mug Shipping to canda is $40 though.
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    Urban water procurement & storage.
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    Couple of new toys!!

    I like it.
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    Spring Equinox ESEE Blade/AH1 Sheath Contest

    900 .......................... the hest will be mine
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    Women Love the Izula II

    You scored a women who likes knives good job.
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    HEST (tiger) + Glock 19 gen4

    I don't get it why do people like glocks so much.
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    Izula Decals?

    It was. What do you do that makes your work need a $30k printer I know thats not in your house.
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    Izula strap

    I like it.